California Sen. Barbara Boxer to Giuliani: ‘Ask Bin Laden if Obama Loves America’

Who would have ever guessed that former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani could cause such a stink. After all, he’s someone most liberals can’t stand and most conservatives don’t care much for either. Outside of making a career lately out of obsessing about President Obama (then again, what conservative hasn’t), he’s done absolutely nothing. […]

Did George W. Bush End Up Giving Osama bin Ladin Almost Exactly What He Wanted?

I’m sure this might ruffle a few feathers, but I’m sitting here in 2014 and I just can’t shake this feeling that what we’re seeing right now might have been what Osama bin Ladin was hoping for all along. Going back to September 11, 2001, the horrors we all felt that day seemed insurmountable.  But as […]

Will Republicans Finally Admit George W. Bush was One of the Worst Presidents in History?

While liberals have constantly said that George W. Bush was one of the worst presidents in United States history (if not the worst), Republicans have often dismissed those claims. They couldn’t really use the economy to defend him since we saw one of the worst crashes in United States history as his second term was […]

Former SEAL Team 6 Member Ryan Zinke Says Hillary Clinton Is The Anti-Christ

Ryan Zinke was a member of Navy SEAL Team 6, the team responsible for the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Ryan Zinke is angry because he thinks President Obama stole the glory away from SEAL Team 6, he believes America was founded on “Judeo-Christian values,” and enjoys handing out bullets to his supporters. Oh, and […]

Dick Cheney Attacking President Obama and Hillary Clinton Proves He’s Out of His Damn Mind

I’ve had a standing rule for a while now and it’s pretty simple: If you worked for the Bush administration, or were a key figure in starting the war in Iraq, you never get to criticize another person for how they handle foreign affairs. And one of the biggest names this rule should apply to is Dick […]

Did We Forget What Led to the Patriot Act in the First Place? Bush’s Incompetence Before 9/11

I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about how many progressives and conservatives (and some who wouldn’t classify themselves in either category) are shocked and outraged at government overreach and spying. You know what? I’m fed up that more people in positions of power aren’t talking about how we ended up in this position in […]

Imagine How Republicans Would Act if Obama’s First Term Was Just Like Bush’s

Republicans are beside themselves.  They’re “shocked” that President Obama still remains in the White House after their made up Benghazi “scandal” backfired, and now there’s this IRS situation—which the President has come out and quickly denounced (and had nothing to do with). Who cares if neither of these issues warrants an impeachment, Republicans are beginning […]