Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: What Would Jesus Do with Purity Balls?

Good morning! Hope you’re feeling that tingly, Selsun Blue Holy Ghost sensation this bright and smiley Sunday morning! Here, have a “Jesus Loves You” pin. Don’t mind me. Just finishing tying this double Windsor knot on my brand spankin’ new Hofmann & Co. 24-karat gold necktie. Did you know you can write off a $10,000 […]

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15-Year-Old Boy Dies a Hero, Preventing Suicide Bomber from Attacking School in Pakistan

It’s rare that I run across a story that almost brings me to tears, but that’s exactly what happened when I read about a 15-year-old boy who died tackling a suicide bomber at the entrance gate to a school in Pakistan.  The bomber was targeting students gathering for their morning assembly. I wasn’t moved to tears […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: The United Caliphate of Cruz

Pentecostal Pastor Jamie Coots of Middlesboro, Kentucky, sure handles copperheads better than House Speaker John Boehner manages Tea Party asps. Of course, Coots would seem to have the advantage of semi-starving his hapless herpetons into non-violent states of ennui. (Kind of removes the spring in one’s step from “leap of faith.”) That said, perhaps Speaker […]