Sarah Palin Pathetically Tries to Exploit Christ for Money (Video)

Christmas is just around the corner, which means that Republicans are out in force with their fictional “war on Christmas” nonsense that they churn out every year. It’s really quite comical. As if there’s some active push to remove Christ from Christmas. The only removal of Christ most liberals I know want is from places where […]

Official Police Report About Palin Brawl Exposes Their Hypocrisy and Embarrasses Family

Before I even start I know what many of you are going to say, “Who cares about the Palins?” While many people feel that way (and I completely understand that sentiment), there’s no denying that the family, particularly Sarah Palin, still has a lot of influence over conservatives. Whether or not liberals like her really doesn’t […]

Sarah Palin Embarrassingly Uses Poll That Shows Vast Majority of Americans Disagree With Her

As most of us know, Sarah Palin has been one of the leading Republicans calling for President Obama’s impeachment.  And it seems Ms. Palin found “support” for her calls for impeachment in a recent CNN poll. On Palin’s Twitter account she posted the following tweet: The link she provides is just to her Facebook page […]

Half-Term Governor goes on Racist Rant, Wants Obama Impeached Over Law Signed by Bush

Whenever I think of Sarah Palin I think of the line from the show Seinfeld where George Castanza says, “Jerry, just remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.”  That’s the mindset I think Sarah Palin lives with every day.  She’s bought into her own lies and propaganda so much that deep down she honestly believes […]

Sarah Palin Sinks to a New Low, Exploits Children to Pathetically Call for Obama’s Impeachment

I’m torn between who has the greatest ability to make themselves look like a complete fool best, Ted Cruz or Sarah Palin.  I tend to learn toward Palin because I think she’s naturally an idiot, whereas I just see Cruz as a slimy weasel who says or does whatever he has to as long as […]

Sarah Palin Pathetically Tries to Make Karl Rove’s Attack on Hillary Clinton About Her

Apparently Sarah Palin thinks that those who attack her for being “less than intelligent” is the same thing as Karl Rove (who has zero medical training) suggesting that Hillary Clinton might be suffering brain damage due to a concussion she suffered a couple years ago. It seems in her mind that using direct quotes from interviews or […]

Commercial For Sarah Palin’s New Reality Show is Possibly the Most Ridiculous Thing You’ll See Today

Has there ever been someone in politics who’s more of a walking  caricature of everything that’s ridiculous about the party for which they represent?  She’s someone who couldn’t even finish an entire term as Governor of Alaska, yet somehow she’s a “hero” for conservatives. Nothing quite like portraying yourself as the “party for personal responsibility” […]

Sarah Palin, Shut Up – No, You Did Not “Predict” that Russia Would Invade Ukraine

How’s that saying go, “Even a broken clock is right twice a day”?  Well, I would compare Sarah Palin to a broken clock, but I don’t want to insult the clock. Since Palin first burst onto the scene in 2008, I pretty much always knew she was a babbling idiot.  Sure, she plays well to […]