Debunking 5 ‘Patriotic’ Myths Republicans Actually Believe are True

To listen to most Republicans, you’d think they were the only people in the United States who were “patriots who loved this country.” If there’s one thing conservatives enjoy doing, it’s shoving their “patriotism” down everyone’s throat. Though the truth is, they don’t own “patriotism.” The main difference between Republicans and everyone else when it […]

Trump’s the Most Un-American President in United States History

Nothing I can say to help prove the point of this headline would be nearly as effective as simply letting Donald Trump prove my point for me. So I’ve decided I’m going to concede most of this article to doing nothing more than using Trump’s own words to prove that he’s the most un-American president […]

You Can’t Be Both a Republican and a Patriot

I think I’ve finally come to the conclusion that someone simply cannot be both a Republican and a patriot. It’s impossible. Sure, Republicans think they’re the real “patriots,” but they’re really not. Not even close. Now, are there people who vote Republican who are genuinely good Americans? Of course. But I’m not sure I’d call those people […]

Let Me Show You Why Edward Snowden is a Traitor and Not a Patriot

Recently I wrote an article mocking Edward Snowden for claiming that the only reason he’s stuck in Russia is because the United States pulled his passport.  I mocked that because Snowden would have to have been a complete buffoon to not know that after he publicly came out as the person who leaked these NSA documents, the […]

Edward Snowden Finally Proves Once and For All What a Narcissistic Traitor He Really Is

Even if some of the information Edward Snowden has leaked was important for the American people to know, in my opinion he’s still a traitor to his country. He illegally stole a ton of information, fled the country, then released that intelligence information to the world. And don’t give me this whole “he’s a patriot standing up for the […]

Southern Hate Group Cries Communism After Patriotic “SECEDE” Billboard Gets Removed

The hate group known as the League of the South is extremely upset that their “patriotic” billboard displaying the word “SECEDE” was removed from the side of a highway in Montgomery, Alabama. Ah, yes.  Another one of these groups that claims to love America so much that they want to leave it. After the sign […]

The Difference Between a Tea Party “Patriot” and a Real Patriot

Republicans are great at coining a term and using it over and over and over and over and – well you get the point.  It’s as if there’s a secret handbook only conservatives are given access to where they’re instructed which words to say and when to say them.  Rich people aren’t wealthy, they’re “job […]

Delusional Ted Nugent: “Those That Hate Me Hate America – Plain and Simple”

Tens of millions of people dislike Ted Nugent.  I hesitate to use the word “hate” because I know a lot of people will say, “Well, I don’t hate anyone,” but I think it’s safe to say that tens of millions of people strongly dislike him. As for me, I absolutely hate him.  I loathe his […]

Republicans Prove Their “Patriotism” by Rooting for America’s Failure

Republicans have a funny way of looking at things.  And by “funny” I mean they often don’t make a damn bit of sense.   They vote against their own interests, believe “freedom” is found by restricting the rights of others and that somehow rooting for America to fail makes them “patriotic.” After all, isn’t that […]

When Fascism Comes to America, It Will Be Cloaked In Patriotism

There is a quote (often misattributed to Sinclair Lewis) that states, “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” While the actual quote seems to be a condensed meme of a collection of prognostications from the 1930’s as Hitler came to power, it is very true of […]