GOP Congressman Throws Temper Tantrum Because Republicans Can’t Impeach President Obama

Since before Barack Obama ever stepped foot into the White House, Republicans have been trying to find ways to either prevent him from becoming president or remove him from the office he was overwhelmingly voted into by the American people twice.  From the ridiculous birthers who proclaimed that he wasn’t an American citizen, to those who believe […]

Congressman Paul Gosar Calls Native Americans “Wards of the State”

When Congressman Paul Gosar referred to sovereign Indian nations as “wards of the federal government” a couple of weeks ago, he set off a storm. While referring to Native people as “wards of the state” is deeply problematic and racist language that the US government wants to leave in the past, the term itself is indicative of how […]

Republican Congressman’s Disrespectful Comment About Native Americans Stuns Local Tribes

While there’s often plenty of controversial debate when it comes to race relations between whites and African-Americans, you really don’t see a whole lot of discussion when it comes to how we treat Native Americans. Because while slavery often makes the headlines as one of the most horrific acts we’ve ever committed in this country, […]