Like the Spineless Coward That He is, Paul Ryan Appears Ready to Run Away and Hide From Trump

Say what you want about Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and I’ve most certainly said plenty over the last several years, but he’s not a stupid person. He’s a very intelligent, calculated individual who doesn’t make a move without weighing the political consequences of it. This is someone who’s clearly been building most of his […]

Paul Ryan Crashes & Burns When Asked Why He Believes Roy Moore’s Accusers but Not Trump’s

My disdain for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is pretty clear. A soulless scumbag and hypocrite, I don’t hesitate at all to say he’s every bit as bad as, if not worse than, Donald Trump. After all, Ryan’s someone who’s made several comments where it’s obvious he knows Trump’s unfit for office — yet […]

Conservative Analyst Mocks Paul Ryan for Allowing Trump to Constantly Humiliate Him (Video)

For as much as I absolutely despise Donald Trump, I might loathe Speaker of the House Paul Ryan more. A hypocritical, sniveling weasel with a clear disdain for the poor, Ryan is nothing more than a gutless coward who’s spent most of his political career trying to screw over the majority of Americans for the […]

Paul Ryan Brags About Trumpcare Giving People a ‘Choice’ to Live or Die (Video)

Without a doubt, Donald Trump is the dominant figure in today’s political world. Unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. That’s bound to happen when a completely incompetent, emotionally unstable buffoon who’s not remotely qualified to be “president” actually gets “elected.” Trump’s awfulness aside, I try to remind people that we can’t ignore the significance of the […]

Ex-GOP Congressman Blasts Paul Ryan’s Spineless Hypocrisy on Trump

As I’ve said numerous times already, while Donald Trump is truly awful, I still think Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is worse. I’d much rather deal with an obvious con man like Trump than a slimy, sell-his-soul just to get away with stealing a dollar from a poor person “Christian conservative” sociopath like Ryan. […]

Here’s All You Need to Know About What a Pathetic Coward Paul Ryan Is

In today’s political world that’s usually dominated by whatever lunacy is going on with Donald Trump and his dumpster fire of an administration, it’s easy to overlook exactly how terrible quite a few other Republicans are. For a while, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) easily topped my list as the member of Congress I loathed the most. […]

Paul Ryan’s ABC News Interview Proves What a Lying Scumbag He Truly Is (Video)

Without a doubt, Donald Trump’s the most talked about person in politics right now. Since the day he launched his campaign nearly two years ago, following Trump has been a never-ending circus of lies, conspiracies, and mental instability. While Trump ultimately went on to “win” last year’s election (despite receiving 3 million fewer votes than […]

Paul Ryan Announces ‘Fix’ for Trumpcare, Further Proving How Much He Hates Poor People

Anyone who follows me knows I have a strong disdain for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI). He’s nothing but a hypocrite who used government money to help pay for his college education at a publicly-funded university on his way to a career funded by the taxpayers — yet has the gall to champion himself […]

Fox News’ Bret Baier Stunned by Paul Ryan’s Absurd Comments on CBO Health Care Report (Video)

When Republicans were already attacking the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office’s report on Trumpcare before it was released, it was clear even they knew how terrible this “plan” is. Even though the CBO is respected and often cited by both Democrats and Republicans, conservatives knew that their report was going to confirm basically every horrific thing […]

Once Again Paul Ryan Proves He’s Spineless By Acting Like Trump’s Insanity Doesn’t Exist (Video)

While most of the national attention has been on Donald Trump, his administration, and the never-ending dumpster fire that’s been embarrassing this country, I’ve done my best to make sure people don’t forget that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is every bit the scumbag Trump is. In fact, in some instances, he’s actually worse. […]