Power Rankings: The 10 Most Pathetic Conservatives of the Week – Week 2

Welcome to the second installment of my weekly power rankings.  The premise of this article is pretty simple.  I take the worst conservatives of the previous week and rank them accordingly based on whatever nonsense they said or did. Again, this isn’t based on everything every conservative said as that would be nearly impossible to […]

GOP Congressman Falsely Accuses Immigrants of Carrying Diseases – Opposed Mandatory Vaccinations in U.S.

Haven’t you heard the latest?  Apparently these immigrant children from Central America are a threat to spread Ebola to the United States.  A remarkable feat considering there’s never been a single case of the virus in the Western Hemisphere. I guess someone needs to tell that to Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.).  He recently wrote a […]

Georgia Republican Depicts His GOP Opponents as Crying Babies in Campaign Ad

While generally every election brings about its own headaches, deep down I love big election years.  Especially during the primaries.  The campaign ads that I see flash across my television or on my computer screen are often absolutely hilarious. Take for instance George Republican Senate candidate David Perdue, who recently aired an ad depicting his […]

Poor Republican Congressman Whines About Making Only $172K a Year While Others Prosper

You know, for all the talking points and rhetoric flying back and forth from both sides of the aisle, it can be hard for independent voters like myself to decide which of our elected officials are there to truly work for you. There doesn’t seem to be many, and even with the good ones there’s […]