These 6 Groups Are Stopping Us From Ending Police Brutality

People on both sides were quick to weigh in on the McKinney, Texas police officer who slammed a girl into the ground and pointed his service weapon at two teenagers. Naturally, the usual folks started screaming at each other about who was right and who was wrong, as is the case whenever a viral police […]

The Baltimore Protests Aren’t Just About Race, They’re About Income Inequality

Whenever a national conversation comes up about race as we are seeing currently with the Baltimore protests, there will inevitably be people who try to derail the dialogue and make the disingenuous claims that there’s an incredible amount of racism and prejudice aimed at white folks as well. These people will bring up anecdotal claims […]

Dismantling the Thin Blue Line that Turns Its Back On Us

For those surprised that the New York Police Department has officers turning their backs on their own mayor, don’t be. The NYPD has long since turned their backs on the Black community in New York City. It has, like the majority of policing organizations in the US and abroad, long since turned its back on […]

The Conservative Media Displays Blatant Hypocrisy Over The Murder Of NYPD Officers

Without fail, conservative politicians and conservative media have jumped all over the recent murder of two NYPD officers to further their narrative that those of us who want reform and better training in law enforcement are fomenting anti-cop violence. Just this morning, Fox News ran a segment asking if America had lost respect for police […]

In Surreal Segment, Jon Stewart Vents Complete Frustration with Justice Following Eric Garner Decision

When most people turn to Comedy Central to watch Jon Stewart and The Daily Show, they’re expecting to be treated to a humorous, if not cynical, view of some of the events currently making news. Well, that wasn’t the case last night as Stewart was unlike I’ve ever seen him before – at least when it comes to […]

Here are 5 Easy Ways to Drastically Improve the Behavior of Our Law Enforcement Officers

Right now it’s quite popular to be “anti-cop.” Then again, that should be expected. All the media ever reports about are the bad things that corrupt police officers do while ignoring the fact that the vast majority of law enforcement officials perform their duties how they’re supposed to. Not only that, but a lot of the […]

The Death of Officer Friendly

Whenever our car pulls alongside a police sedan at a traffic light, my daughter insists I roll down her backseat window. She shouts, “Thank you for your service, officer!” It’s one of those moments in life that makes you smile and think Pleasantville is possible—that all any major downtown needs at night is Deputy Fife […]

Ferguson Is a Sign of The New Jim Crow (And It’s Not About White People)

It’s a bit frustrating watching the events in Ferguson unfold on the national stage since the brutal murder of Michael Brown and the police coverup of their own brutality and White Supremacy. It’s frustrating largely because white people – regardless of political affiliation – keep making it about white people when, for the most part, it […]

The Demilitarization Of Law Enforcement Is Something Both Sides Can Agree On

On May 27th of this year, a Tampa Bay SWAT team shot Jason Westcott to death inside of his home. Mr. Westcott was hit by two shotgun slugs and a pistol round in his bedroom, and later died at St. Joseph’s Hospital. The raid was prompted by information from a confidential informant who stated he […]

Police Watch Dog Group Busted Trying to Slander Officer with Blatantly Edited Video

A recent video has gone viral pushed by a supposed watch dog group calling themselves Florida Cop Watch.  Their Facebook page champions them as a group out for “peace, justice and accountability.” In this 31 second video it allegedly shows a man being unlawfully arrested and tasered by two Florida police officers. And I’ll admit, if […]