Documents Show Racist Cops In Dothan, Alabama Framed Black Men For Years

A story coming out of Alabama which has been published by the Henry County Report is deeply disturbing. According to the publication, police officers in the city of Dothan, Alabama have framed black residents for gun and drug crimes – then covered it up at the highest levels possible. This isn’t a case of officers failing […]

Police Fatalities Are Down, But There Is Still A Political ‘War On Police’

A lot of media attention has been given to shootings involving law enforcement, as well as the murder of police officers by criminals. Some pundits have declared that there is a “War On Police” and have tried to blame police accountability groups The data doesn’t add up, especially when you look at the long-term numbers […]

“Officer-Involved Shooting” And Other Self-Serving Police Double-Speak

The killing of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, and the various incidents that have come to light since, have brought to the national attention an ugly side of our American policing community. However, there is a more insidious trend hiding behind the militarization of police forces and casual violation and dismissal […]

The Confrontation In Ferguson, Missouri Is A Symptom, Not The Disease

There are few metropolitan areas in America more burdened by racial tension and suspicion than the St. Louis area. The racial and economic problems that have beset America’s cities are particularly intense there. Most white affluent denizens’ only contact with their black fellow citizens are through service industry interactions. St. Louis is the city that […]

Michael Brown And The Criminal Police State In Ferguson, Missouri

On Saturday night, in a suburb north of St. Louis, another unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, was shot to death by law enforcement. Maybe this story has gotten too old and familiar and worn for the media, because rather than focusing on the injustice of cops targeting and killing children barely old enough to legally […]

Shocker: Ohio Police Chief Admits To Profiling & Quotas

An Ohio Police Department openly announced an operation in which they would be actively targeting and profiling children appearing to be under the age of 15 and issuing tickets. Chief David Oliver issued this announcement on the police department’s website on June 17th, 2013: With all of the talk about writing tickets, all of you […]

City of Los Angeles Agrees to Pay $575,000 to Settle Disgusting LAPD Sex Abuse Case

Many stories I read about annoy me, frustrate me — heck, they even tick me off.  It takes a strong reprehensible element to a story for me to actually be truly disgusted by something I read.  But that’s exactly what happened when I ran across the story concerning the City of Los Angeles and the settlement […]