Police Fatalities Are Down, But There Is Still A Political ‘War On Police’

A lot of media attention has been given to shootings involving law enforcement, as well as the murder of police officers by criminals. Some pundits have declared that there is a “War On Police” and have tried to blame police accountability groups The data doesn’t add up, especially when you look at the long-term numbers […]

If You Say #CopsLivesMatter, Then You Need To Support Reasonable Gun Laws

Much has been made in local news recently about two Louisiana police officers who were shot and killed in the line of duty. The weekend before last near Lake Charles, State Trooper Steven Vincent was shot by a man who had a long criminal history when Trooper Vincent approached his vehicle which was stuck in […]

The Conservative Media Displays Blatant Hypocrisy Over The Murder Of NYPD Officers

Without fail, conservative politicians and conservative media have jumped all over the recent murder of two NYPD officers to further their narrative that those of us who want reform and better training in law enforcement are fomenting anti-cop violence. Just this morning, Fox News ran a segment asking if America had lost respect for police […]

“Officer-Involved Shooting” And Other Self-Serving Police Double-Speak

The killing of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, and the various incidents that have come to light since, have brought to the national attention an ugly side of our American policing community. However, there is a more insidious trend hiding behind the militarization of police forces and casual violation and dismissal […]