We Must Stop Allowing The Violent Minority To Represent The Good Majority

Obviously there’s been a lot of talk recently about how the media has the power to push the message they want to push or distort a story based upon what “side” they cover. But the truth is, the mainstream media doesn’t have an “agenda.” Well, okay, Fox News and MSNBC do (at least to a […]

5 Predictions for the Progressive Movement in 2015

It’s 2015 and there are no hoverboards or self-tying shoe laces, and the Cubs will forget they were supposed to play in the post-season once again. However, I would like to make some predictions about trends for the upcoming year regardless. The following listicle (oh, weren’t we supposed to bury that word in 2013? Sorry!) […]

The Media Shoulders Some Of The Blame For The Divide Among Police And Civilians

Police accountability and justice shouldn’t be a “left vs. right” issue, but sadly, that’s exactly what it’s turned into. It’s individuals with agendas based on personal feelings rather than facts, who are out trying to “win” an argument. At the end of the day, both sides agree that bad police officers should be held accountable. […]

Dismantling the Thin Blue Line that Turns Its Back On Us

For those surprised that the New York Police Department has officers turning their backs on their own mayor, don’t be. The NYPD has long since turned their backs on the Black community in New York City. It has, like the majority of policing organizations in the US and abroad, long since turned its back on […]

No, a Black Man in Michigan Was Not Racially Profiled by the Police Just for Walking with His Hands in His Pockets

While many liberal and conservative websites have devoted a large part of the last week covering the events that have gone on in Ferguson, liberal websites in particular have had a field day pushing just about any kind of anti-cop “story” that they can get their hands on. There are certainly legitimate stories related to Ferguson, […]

People Disgustingly Mock Slain Texas Police Chief Who Was Murdered During Traffic Stop

When I first heard the story about Police Chief Michael Pimentel who was murdered after he was shot several times during a routine traffic stop in Elmendorf, Texas (a suburb of San Antonio), I was curious what kind of media coverage it would get. So I Googled the story, visited a few websites, and on each […]

Police Watch Dog Group Busted Trying to Slander Officer with Blatantly Edited Video

A recent video has gone viral pushed by a supposed watch dog group calling themselves Florida Cop Watch.  Their Facebook page champions them as a group out for “peace, justice and accountability.” In this 31 second video it allegedly shows a man being unlawfully arrested and tasered by two Florida police officers. And I’ll admit, if […]

My Attempt To Bring About Rational Discourse Concerning The Chaos Going On In Ferguson

The situation in Ferguson, Missouri has simply gotten completely out of hand.  In fact, I’ve spent the better part of the last two days trying to have reasonable debates with people about the entire situation, but it’s not been easy.  To call this situation a “powder keg” would be an understatement. Let me first start […]

Chicago Gun Violence Myths, Part 2: Roland Martin and the National Guard

Roland Martin – the commentator most known for being the ascot-wearing guy on CNN – fired up the old computer box to tell Daily Beast readers that Chicago – aka “Chiraq”  – is “being lost” – which is news to Chicagoans. We’re right here and not going anywhere. In efforts to find us, I suppose, Martin says every option is on the […]

South Carolina Police Officer Encounters Teen in Need, Does Something Completely Unexpected (Video)

Nowadays it seems like a day doesn’t go by where there’s not some horrific story making the news concerning unethical and immoral behavior by police officers somewhere in this country. But not in this situation. This is a story of a police officer in Sumter, South Carolina who went above and beyond to help a […]