Back to Political Basics: Bartender, Rolling Rocks for All My Friends!

for Izzy, who forced me to Think Give me a “P”!  Give me an “L”!  Give me a “U”!  Give me a “T”!  Give me an “O”!  Give me a “C”!  Give me an “R”!  Give me an “A”!  Give me a “C”!  Give me a “Y”! What does that spell? “SCOTUS!” Thus, after all […]

How to Be a More Active Progressive in Seven Easy Steps

a reissuance Something is wrong in the United States.  Really wrong. So wrong that our state legislators know less about epidemiology than my five-year-old daughter. So bad that a (thankfully) former North Carolina GOP executive committee member just proudly spewed racism on national television—on top of admitting that his state’s recent voting suppression laws were […]

How to Be a More Active Progressive in Six Easy Steps

The Pitcairn Islands must be a wonderful place to be a political activist. If you are a Pitcairn Islander, you are one of fewer than 70 citizens, the least populous nation on earth. (I realize the Pitcairn Islands is technically a British Territory, but work with me. It’s small—dwarfed even by the population of Vatican […]