Donald Trump’s Presidential Announcement Speech Gets Annihilated by Fact-Checking Site

I’m not going to lie, when rumors began swirling that Donald Trump had a “big announcement” to make, I really didn’t think he was actually going to announce that he was running for president. I figured he’d do a big build up to make it seem like he was going to run, then just hold […]

Ted Cruz Voted Against Sandy Relief, But Now Demands Federal Aid After Texas Floods (VIDEO)

There’s a bit of good news for Texas as it looks like the torrential rains and subsequent flooding may hopefully be coming to an end soon. The bad news is that you still have Ted Cruz and John Cornyn as your senators. Don’t get me wrong, the rest of the country doesn’t mind sending you […]

Bernie Sanders Wants Wall Street To Pay For Higher Education

Senator Bernie Sanders wants Wall Street to help fund higher education, and he will be introducing a bill to make that happen. While the bill most certainly won’t get very far in Congress, it’s an idea that the United States should seriously consider implementing if we could get around to electing enough lawmakers who would […]

4 Common Myths Liberals Still Believe In

We’re taking a week off from my series titled “The 5 Worst Conservative Memes Of The Week” while I rework the concept a little bit going forward. Instead, I’d like to substitute that list today with another one that sorely needs attention, since I see far too many people who call themselves progressives or liberals […]

Ted Cruz Busted by Fact-Checking Site for Lying About Obama’s Surgeon General Nominee

Republicans opposing someone who President Obama has nominated for any number of positions is nothing new. In fact, Republicans opposing nearly anything and everything the president does is nothing new. It’s essentially been the motto of the GOP since he was elected in 2008. And when it comes to lying about the president, Texas Senator […]

Ted Cruz Embarrassingly Whines About Fact-Checking Site That Constantly Exposes His Lies

If you follow politics fairly regularly, you’ve probably heard of the fact-checking website Politifact. While not always perfect, I would say they’re pretty fair in their findings. Though I will say that sometimes they’re too literal in their conclusions. By that I mean I’ve seen them rate statements as “True” or “False,” simply based on […]

Fox News Host Looks Like a Fool After Being Caught Blatantly Lying by Fact-Checking Organization

It’s not exactly “breaking news” that Fox News is filled with lies.  Granted pretty much all mainstream media outlets are, but Fox News definitely takes lies and propaganda to a whole other level.  I still can’t believe there are people who dispute the fact that Fox News is clearly a conservative media outlet.  It isn’t […]

Rand Paul Makes Another Ridiculous Claim Proving That He Knows Absolutely Nothing

The more Kentucky Senator Rand Paul speaks, the more he proves that he doesn’t know what in the heck he’s talking about.  I guess with Ted Cruz getting all the “tea party love” the last few months, Paul is trying to step it up and get his name in a few headlines. Take for instance […]

Shameful and Pathetic: Koch’s Americans For Prosperity Press Release Attacks Wrong Politician

How low can the almighty Koch brothers and Americans For Prosperity possibly sink in their attempts to brainwash voters? How about completely rewriting political history? That’s exactly what they tried to do in a Florida press release this week where they attacked Florida Rep. Patrick Murphy, calling him a flip-flopper for voting for Obamacare in […]

Michele Bachmann’s Biggest Accomplishment — An Impressive 75% Lie Ratio on Politifact

There have been a lot of interesting characters in politics over the years, but very few will ever come close to that of Michele Bachmann. I really hadn’t intended to write anything more on Bachmann (unless it was actual news), but scrolling through the fact checking website Politifact I noticed something I hadn’t seen with […]