Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow Prepares a Mass Shooting Prayer

Hello, I’m Pastor Pillow! Thank you for responding to the Cubic Zirconium Cathedral Ministries parishioner focus group robo-call. In fact, just for coming down to the megachurch grounds today, I’m prepared to discount this month’s tithe percentage for you and your family from 10% to 9.975%. And with every significant contribution you make today to […]

The Pope’s Visit Puts Into Perspective How Screwed Up the Republican Party Has Become

In case you haven’t heard, Pope Francis is making his big U.S. debut this week. It’s a visit I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. Not only am I a fairly big fan of this pope, but I’ve been extremely interested to see what sort of reaction he’s going to trigger from conservatives […]

Group Of House Republicans Admits Climate Change Is Real Ahead Of Pope’s Visit

Pope Francis is coming to Washington next week, and he’s sure to anger a lot of Republicans with his expected remarks on climate change. Granted, his views on income inequality and the Syrian refugee crisis are also controversial to conservatives – but the climate change thing has really got them angry. Now a small number […]

Pope Francis Tells Catholic Clergy: Take In Refugees, Or Pay Taxes Like Everyone Else

Pope Francis will be visiting the United States starting next Tuesday, and if his remarks to Catholic religious orders are any indication, his speech to Congress is sure to ruffle a few political feathers. Since Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected Pope in 2013 and took the name Francis, he has angered many conservative Catholics and […]

Atheist Bill Maher Slams Catholic Rick Santorum: ‘I Like the Pope Better Than You Do!’ (Video)

While I make no secret of the fact that I am a Christian, I also don’t hide the fact that I’m not the biggest fan of organized religion. In organized religion I see nothing but humans taking faith and twisting it for their own desires. If you ask me, faith is meant to be a […]

Not One GOP Mayor Attends Climate Change Summit With Pope Francis

Pope Francis recently released an encyclical calling climate change “one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day.” As expected, Republicans lashed out at Pope Francis, and presidential candidate Rick Santorum chided him by saying that Pope Francis should “leave science to the scientists.” There are few issues that Republican politicians from right-wing to moderate […]

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Freaks Out Because Pope Francis is Actually Acting Like a Christian (Video)

For decades the Republican party has perpetuated this idea that they’re the party for “Christian values.” I’ve never bought into all the propaganda because I’ve seen the policies they support. Tax cuts for the rich, gutting programs that help the poor, an obsession with guns, more war – these aren’t policies that scream “Christian values.” […]

Republicans Are Really Going To Hate Pope Francis’ Climate Change Encyclical

The Catholic Church and I don’t see eye to eye on the majority of issues most of the time. Their stance on reproductive rights and their shameful legacy of protecting predatory priests were major contributors to the reason I walked away from them nearly 15 years ago. While the Vatican has denied science when it […]

Rick Santorum Gets Humiliated by Chris Wallace on Fox News for His Comments About the Pope (Video)

As we all know, Fox News is essentially nothing but an echo chamber of conservative rhetoric and propaganda. The network is really nothing more than the media division of the Republican party. It really is laughable to me that millions of Americans honestly believe it’s a “fair and balanced” news organization. That being said, every […]

Rick Santorum Tells Pope Francis To Keep His Mouth Shut When It Comes To Science

Rick Santorum thinks he knows better than the Pope – seriously. During an appearance on Philadelphia’s Talk Radio 1210 WPHT with Dom Giordano, the former senator and member of the current crowded Republican presidential primary field stated that he disagreed with Pope Francis’ upcoming encyclical on climate change, and that the Catholic Church should “leave […]