Hypocritical Minnesota Governor Tells Mother to Buy Pot on Street to Help Child’s Epilepsy

I can understand if someone is apprehensive about supporting the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes.  It’s a fairly large step toward an uncertain future.  Washington and Colorado have paved the way, and their experiences over the next several months should tell us plenty about the future of recreational marijuana in this country. But I […]

My Experience Buying Legal Weed in Colorado (with IMAGES)

First off, let me state that I honestly never thought I would see the day that I would be buying legal recreational marijuana anywhere in this country.  The reefer madness we’ve seen perpetuated over the past century has been absurd, and seemed impossible to overcome for quite a while.  If not for all of the […]

Louisiana Lawmakers To Discuss Marijuana Legalization

On January 21st, Louisiana’s House Committee for Administration Of Criminal Justice will meet to discuss marijuana legalization in the Bayou State. A poll conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP) in August of 2013 shows that 65% of Louisiana residents support legalizing marijuana for medical purposes and 64% of respondents also opposed current Louisiana law which […]

This is why I’ve Reversed My Position on Marijuana Legalization

Once upon a time I used to dismiss the argument for the legalization of marijuana pretty quickly because I honestly didn’t care.  I didn’t care because when it came to that issue I was completely ignorant. Honestly, it’s a plant people smoke to get high — who cares, right? In fact if I leaned either way, […]