“Golfghazi” – A New Low In Conservative Media Outrage

It’s not often that I call Republicans and conservatives racist when they complain about something that President Obama did. I honestly believe that like President Clinton, nothing President Obama could ever do would be acceptable to them. I’m also only slightly exaggerating that if the president were to ever don some camouflage, grab a case […]

ISIS is Just Another Problem Caused by Bush that Republicans are Blaming on Obama

I’ve absolutely hit my limit with Republicans trying to pin all the violence in the Middle East on President Obama. Let me just go ahead and say what hardly anyone in the “mainstream media” will actually say: All this chaos in the Middle East began when George W. Bush invaded Iraq, triggering a massive destabilization […]

Rand Paul Planning Ridiculous Stunt, Wants to Sue Obama Administration

I’ve joked (kind of) that the motto of the Republican party really needs to be something like, “Blaming President Obama/Democrats for something we caused since January 20, 2009.”  I mean, let’s face it, these are the same people who actually try to convince millions of Americans (and have been extremely successful at doing so) that […]

Republicans Won’t Rest Until We’re at War with Iran

Upon hearing the news that a temporary deal had been reached concerning Iran’s nuclear programs, I knew without even seeing a single comment that Republicans were going to be against this six month trial run of diplomacy. Because that’s all this is.  It’s a six month deal to see if all parties involved will keep […]

New Poll Shows A Third of Louisiana Republicans Blame President Obama for Katrina Response

If this doesn’t terrify you about the amount of misinformation and sheer ignorance in this country, I’m not sure what will.  A recent poll done by Public Policy Polling found that 29% of respondents in Louisiana blamed President Obama for the poor response following Hurricane Katrina. How many blamed President Bush?  Less than those who blamed […]

The Radical President Who Hated Our Second Amendment

How dare any president think they have the right to trample all over our Constitution? It’s inexcusable for someone who’s elected by the people to believe that they are above our Constitution, the very fabric which built this great nation. So, a shooting happened.  Is that really a reason for some knee-jerk emotional reaction which […]

“What If It Were President Gore?” — Bush v. Gore, 13 Years Later

Last weekend, retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor gave an interview to the  Chicago Tribune, where she admitted that maybe the Supreme Court should not have taken the landmark Bush v. Gore case, which subsequently led to an eight year Bush presidency. While O’Connor fell short of outright expressing regret over the decision to hear […]