Black Gun Owner Assaulted In Florida Walmart, NRA Predictably Silent

The hardcore, paranoid members of the NRA are always happy to applaud stories of guns being used to deter crime. Inside the first couple pages of the NRA’s monthly magazine American Rifleman, you will find tales of armed private citizens who used their guns to stop a crime, sometimes with lethal force. You can find […]

Are the Issues with the “Obamacare” Rollout President Obama’s “Monica Lewinsky” Moment?

Before anyone jumps to any kind of insane conclusions — no, I’m not comparing the two by implying infidelity and the Affordable Care Act rollout are the same. What I mean is that for all intents and purposes, Bill Clinton getting caught having an affair with Monica Lewinsky was the catalyst Republicans used to take […]

Bill Clinton Schools Republicans on Facts About Obamacare

Former President Bill Clinton has been asked to travel around the country and clarify the facts about the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”).  Considering how much right-wing slander has been slung at the health care law, President Obama figured Clinton was the perfect person to speak on behalf of the truth about the law. While speaking at […]

President Obama’s Best Weapon Against Republicans to Explain the Truth About “Obamacare”

When it comes to the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”), Republicans have spent the better part of the last four years lying and slandering the law as much as possible.  See, they’re smart on one thing.  They understand that they don’t have to be right about the law, they just need to create enough doubt […]

Inform a Republican: Under Obama, we’re off to our best Private-Sector Job Growth since 1999

Here’s a fact most Republicans won’t want to hear—yet they can’t dispute (just ask Politifact):  In the first half of 2013, we’re off to our best private-sector job growth since 1999. Which is funny, considering all Republicans have told Americans since Obama became President was how awful he’s been for jobs.  But then again, as […]

The Radical President Who Hated Our Second Amendment

How dare any president think they have the right to trample all over our Constitution? It’s inexcusable for someone who’s elected by the people to believe that they are above our Constitution, the very fabric which built this great nation. So, a shooting happened.  Is that really a reason for some knee-jerk emotional reaction which […]