Trump Proves a Simple Truth: Obama Was Too Intelligent for Republicans to Understand

Back in 2014 I wrote an article titled The Simple Truth: President Obama is Too Intelligent for Republicans to Understand. The general premise of that piece was fairly simple. While there were clearly a lot of factors behind the right-wing’s irrational hatred of Barack Obama, one of the driving forces behind their disdain for our 44th […]

I Don’t Want to Buy an Orange Shirt–But I Know I Must

I don’t own an orange shirt.  But I know I need one. I don’t want to buy an orange shirt.  But I know I must. … In late May, I reached out to my good friend, Pastor Thomas Dixon, the Democratic Party-Green Party fusion candidate for U.S. Senate in South Carolina. “Pastor Dixon,” I said.  […]

Trevor Noah Rips Into Mitch McConnell, Republicans for Absurd Supreme Court Rhetoric (Video)

While it’s been several weeks since the unexpected death of Antonin Scalia, the real battle for picking his replacement is just now getting started after President Obama nominated Merrick Garland as his choice to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. Though as most people are well aware, pretty much since the news broke that Scalia […]

An Open Letter to Bill Clinton, from a Former Neighbor and Bernie Sanders Supporter

Dear President Clinton: We used to be neighbors, though I doubt you would remember me.  I used to live just down the street from you on F & 19th.  I often took evening strolls by your government housing quarters on Pennsylvania Avenue, and waved.  Every once in a while, a sniper atop the White House […]

Donald Trump And Ted Cruz Are Killing The Republican Party

Does anyone remember Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, or both of the Bush presidents? It seems like not so long ago that the Republican Party represented conservative ideology, but they weren’t completely insane. In the years since the rise of the Tea Party and hyper-partisan media, the GOP has drifted so far to the right that […]

After Refusing to Debate President Obama, Cowardly NRA Goes on Fox News to Whine About Him (Video)

On Thursday night the NRA showed what cowards they really are. They were invited to participate in President Obama’s town hall on guns, an event that was held literally just a few miles away from the NRA’s Virginia headquarters, yet they refused to show up. One would think a rabid pro-gun group would jump at the chance […]

Fox News Reaches New Low in Sad and Disgusting Attack on President Obama (Video)

Not much surprises me anymore when it comes to Fox News and the way they love to bash the president. If you want to dislike a president, that’s fine. But Fox News often goes far beyond simple political disagreements, to outright fear-mongering and slander against President Obama. That’s ironic considering this was the same network that often […]

President Obama’s Executive Action Is A Good Thing For Gun Owners

President Obama is considering taking executive action to address the horrific gun violence problem we are facing here in the United States, and gun fanatics are predictably freaking out. On my local news station’s Facebook page, people have reacted with ignorant rants about gun confiscation, and some have even suggested that someone with a gun should […]

Conservative Conspiracy Fanatic Claims An Invasion Of 100 Million Muslim Refugees Is Coming

While most people are familiar with right-wing conspiracy nuts like Glenn Beck or Alex Jones from InfoWars, there is a much larger pool of lesser-known media figures that are all competing for space in the small, but crowded conspiracy market. Part of being successful in this industry is playing to the fears of people who […]

Ted Cruz Is Raising Money For A Gun Group With Ties To White Supremacists

Nearly everyone knows what the NRA (National Rifle Association) is, and Senator Ted Cruz is no exception. The most powerful gun lobbying group in the United States, the NRA enjoys the support of conservative politicians like Ted Cruz, and even some moderate Democrats in red states. At any gun show you go to, you’ll find […]