The 5 Worst Conservative Memes Of The Week

This is the seventh installment in our weekly fact-check series “The 5 Worst Conservative Memes Of The Week.” For last week’s article, see here. The other remaining articles are linked at the bottom of this page. For those of you who are seeing this for the first time, the idea behind the countdown is to spotlight the dumbest, […]

The Simple Truth About Amnesty Conservatives Don’t Want to Acknowledge

The topic of immigration has been making the headlines for weeks now.  It’s a topic that’s taken us back to our original debates about sensible immigration reform and, of course, amnesty. See, “amnesty” is what many conservatives claim is driving illegal immigrants to come to our borders.  Though I’d argue that it’s the law that […]

Todd Starnes’ Tweets Forget About Reagan, Bush, & Decency

Fox News personality Todd Starnes is a plucky little duck. He likes to tweet dubious and outright false claims while frothing at the mouth. Which make his tweets actually both funny and bowel-irritating. How much barely disguised racism, chickenhawkery, lying lies, and blutherisms can one fit in under 140 characters? I would like to look at […]

The Radical President Who Hated Our Second Amendment

How dare any president think they have the right to trample all over our Constitution? It’s inexcusable for someone who’s elected by the people to believe that they are above our Constitution, the very fabric which built this great nation. So, a shooting happened.  Is that really a reason for some knee-jerk emotional reaction which […]