The Day Quite a Few Liberals Defended and Promoted Right-Wing Propaganda

One of the first things that I saw plastered everywhere on Friday morning was that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were tied in a new poll out of Nevada. Being that I’m a bit of a polling nerd, I was curious exactly how the poll was conducted and who it was conducted by. What was the MOE […]

Political Polls Have Become Dangerous Tools in Today’s Social Media World

In today’s world a well-written or articulated – though factually inaccurate – opinion is often mistaken for truth. Just look at the obsession many political blogs (and people in general), both on the left and the right, have had over presidential polls. I’m going to cut straight to the point: Many of these folks who try to […]

CNN Apparently Doesn’t Understand Its Own Presidential Poll

As a self-proclaimed “polling nerd,” it drives me crazy when people either don’t know how to read polls or don’t know how to interpret them properly. This shouldn’t be the case when it comes to CNN’s supposed “Polling Director,” Jennifer Agiesta. The problem is, CNN has either willfully misrepresented poll results for cheap clicks or doesn’t know […]