Chicago Gun Violence Myths 3: Arrest the Druggies!

Rahm Emanuel was notably absent from a vigil for 11 year old Shamiya Adams, shot in an apartment during a sleepover with friends this weekend in Garfield Park, Chicago. T0 be frank, I can understand him not wanting to go; residents are restless and they blame Rahm for much of the violence. I can also […]

The Schools to Prison Pipeline: Arrested at School over Jolly Ranchers

I wish that title was an exaggeration. But a thirteen year old kid in Oklahoma was arrested by his principal for the infraction of taking some Jolly Ranchers and Taco Bell coupons. Taco. Bell. Coupons. And candy. Not from a store, mind you, but while walking around the halls of his grade school. If only this […]

Nebraska Lawmaker Wants to Put an End to the State Paying Private Prisons for Empty Cells

The private prison system is quite possibly one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard of.  Who in their right mind actually believes that prisons should be “for-profit”? Just think about that for a moment. How would a prison generate profits?  Well, they could understaff the prison.  Doesn’t that idea just make you feel all […]