Breaking: Federal Judge Halts Key Part of Texas’ New Controversial Anti-Choice Law

Last summer, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis (D) became a national sensation when she bravely fought for women’s rights in Texas during a nearly 13-hour filibuster to block a controversial law that would have restricted women’s rights within the state. Though her efforts were brave, and temporarily successful, they ultimately fell short of blocking the […]

Busted: TX Anti-Choice Groups Are Stalking Women’s Clinic Workers And Patients (VIDEO)

“These abortionists are feeling the pressure… They feel like they are on the run, and that’s how we want to keep it.” ~ Abby Johnson, Live Action NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and Progress Texas has released video revealing tactics used by anti-choice groups in that state. The tape was recorded on August 4, 2014 at a training […]

Wendy Davis Is More Pro-Life than the Pro-Life Movement

When Wendy Davis – the pro-choice Texas state senator famous for having stood up for women’s reproductive rights in the face of overwhelming animosity from Governor Perry and Texas Republicans (mostly male) – called herself “pro-life,” she ignited a bit of a controversy. While I joked that she should have credited me with the idea of […]

Despite What Rick Warren and Others May Think, Abortion Isn’t Satanism

No, this isn’t satire – although it’s triggered by a sarcastic response to anti-abortion protesters. It’s one of those things that make you go, is there any way to effectively satirize some groups of people? It seems like we can’t go any deeper into absurdity than they already are at. So there was this tweet […]

Rick Perry and the Age Old Right Wing Pro-Life, Pro-Death Penalty Conundrum

This morning the Texas state legislature, at the direction of Governor Rick Perry, scheduled their second vote in two months on extremely restrictive, and possibly unconstitutional abortion legislation. The driving force behind the proposed legislation is Governor Perry’s so called staunch pro-life stance. The problem, however, is Rick Perry isn’t really pro-life at all. Really […]

Wendy Davis Fights Back Against Rick Perry’s Demeaning Comments

If you haven’t heard by now, Texas Governor Rick Perry directed some deplorable comments at Texas state Senator Wendy Davis and her successful filibuster of SB5, otherwise known as the anti-abortion bill that would close all but 5 abortion clinics in the entire state. Well, Wendy Davis decided to fight back—but with much more class […]

The Religious Right is Not Pro-Life — They’re Pro-Violence, Anti-Women and Anti-Poor

First, it’s important to note that the proper use of labels matters because words and how we use them matter. It is not appropriate that much of the anti-abortion movement(s) uses the term “pro-life” when they are only signifying saving the life of the pre-born from an abortion, and maybe perhaps the prolonging the life […]

The Nonsensical Hypocrisy of the “Pro-Life” Religious Right

In my long exodus away from the religious right, the one thing I still have a personal problem with is abortion. Back then, every January, we’d hop on a bus full of people praying rosaries and head to Washington to protest the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. From a very early age, I was subjected […]