Humanity, Not Quite Ready for Civilization: Part I

Despite such advancements as the particle collider and Lean Cuisines (not to mention Steak-umms), humanity, it seems, is not quite ready for Civilization. In fact, I am beginning to realize that Civilization is only now just being born. … Last summer, my young daughter and I sat on the steps of a local community pool, […]

OMG, Sarah Palin Stuck a Banana in Her — The Problem with Personality-Driven Politics

The human beings who designed our republic took great pains to ensure that our political processes be stripped of monarchical trappings. Yet 200-plus years into this democracy science fair experiment, our political system finds itself controlled by a narcissistic overlord: when it comes to politics in the United States of America, Personality is king. We […]

Don’t Underestimate Republican Hatred

It’s been a rough go for the Republicans of late. They’ve seen their Benghazi scandal, so carefully cultivated, go up in smoke. A confirmed ringleader of the Benghazi attacks, Ahmed Abu Khattala, has been captured, and stated that the infamous video mocking Islam was his motivation. A major GOP talking point is dead, just like […]

How 2014 Could Be Bad (and even Horrible) for Progressives

Election Day November 2nd, 2010 seems like just last week to me. On that day, Tea Party-backed candidates completed a stunning takeover of Congress, snatching up 60 seats as well as winning 24 of the US Senate races. Of course, they did it in part thanks to the Citizens United ruling, which allowed unlimited corporate […]

Why “Liberals” Should Stop Calling Themselves “Liberals”

Before I get started, let me say there’s nothing at all wrong with being a “liberal.”  I ofter refer to myself as one simply because it’s the popular terminology for someone with my political beliefs. I just think the word is too small.  Not small as in it’s only 7 letters, but small as in […]

Progressivism and Libertarianism: A Happy Compromise

From time to time, both online and offline (AKA “The Real World”), I run into people who believe that in the absence of government, all of our problems would be solved. You can often find them online on some of the stranger forums at 3 AM or inserting themselves into unrelated conversation with bizarre comments […]

When “The Enemy” is Not our Enemy

One of the things that drives me nuts about the progressive/liberal movement is how we don’t give credit when it’s due. Often, we overlook or dismiss positive steps taken by those we have conflicting viewpoints with and continue to point out their obvious flaws. I’m not a religious person, but I did spend the first […]