There’s a Better Way:  Remarks to the 2016 South Carolina Democratic Party Convention

This is an expanded version of Arik Bjorn’s remarks delivered at the podium to the South Carolina Democratic Party. Good afternoon.  My name is Arik Bjorn. When you find yourself preaching to the choir, sometimes you just have to sing your heart out.  Let’s belt a bit, shall we? When the dust of Campaign 2016 […]

Inspired by Bernie: Let Those Who Can, Run in November ’16

November 2012. There before me, an empty space on the election ballot. Not one progressive had dared oppose the incumbent.  His tenure in office was marred by admitted “inappropriate and regrettable” behavior, yet he ran unchallenged. The blinking cursor thumbed its nose at me, keenly aware that whatever name I wrote in—be it “Johnny Appleseed” […]

An Open Letter to Bill Clinton, from a Former Neighbor and Bernie Sanders Supporter

Dear President Clinton: We used to be neighbors, though I doubt you would remember me.  I used to live just down the street from you on F & 19th.  I often took evening strolls by your government housing quarters on Pennsylvania Avenue, and waved.  Every once in a while, a sniper atop the White House […]

Bernie and Hillary Aren’t the Problem. Here Are The People Who Shouldn’t Be Called Progressives

I’ve had an epiphany of sorts following one of the best presidential debates I’ve ever watched on February 4, 2016. While Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders went back and forth over what is or isn’t “progressive,” it hit me that there’s actually only one group of people who call themselves “progressives” who really shouldn’t: Anyone who […]

Why I Am Voting for Bernie Sanders, by Way of Cornel West: Be a Hope

Mom fell into the donut hole months ago, but she never told me.  Then she fell even harder—and the call came that she was headed to the hospital by ambulance. In the emergency room, the doctor asked my mom why she hadn’t been taking her medicine.  A screwy look appeared on her face—the question prompted […]

Humanity, Not Quite Ready for Civilization: Reverence for Life in a Washed-Up World

The fifth and final part in a series that explores whether humanity is ready for Civilization. Click these links to read Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV. Sometimes you have to break a thing down into its simplest parts to understand it afresh. At other times, you have to be broken, or […]

Today, the Revolution Did Not Happen (but it May Have Started)

An Argentinian Catholic, a Tibetan Buddhist, a Pakistani Muslim and an American Lesbian Talk Show Host walk into a bar. Bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve your kind here.” The foursome exchanges looks and replies, “Well, damn! Then who do you serve?!” … Today, the Revolution did not happen. (But it may have started.) Instead, […]

My Excruciating Experience Debating a Libertarian Who Tried to Claim That Progressivism is a Religion

I have a pretty steady rule that I follow fairly well when it comes to political debates: I don’t deal with Libertarians.  It’s just not worth it. Libertarianism is the bane of my existence.  Not that all Libertarians are bad people – they’re not.  I have several Libertarian friends (though I absolutely refuse to debate […]

Pastor Pillow Pulpit Special: The Progressive Place of Jesus in History

Pastor Pillow here! Staying busy as an Easter Bunny—working on all these Prosperity Gospel “cosmetic architectural improvements” in our once and former humble chapel. How’s the new jai alai court coming along?  Thanks for asking!  Fine, just fine—and definitely an improvement over that old soup kitchen.  Now if only we could put these tureens and […]

Back to Political Basics: Bartender, Rolling Rocks for All My Friends!

for Izzy, who forced me to Think Give me a “P”!  Give me an “L”!  Give me a “U”!  Give me a “T”!  Give me an “O”!  Give me a “C”!  Give me an “R”!  Give me an “A”!  Give me a “C”!  Give me a “Y”! What does that spell? “SCOTUS!” Thus, after all […]