Dismantling the Thin Blue Line that Turns Its Back On Us

For those surprised that the New York Police Department has officers turning their backs on their own mayor, don’t be. The NYPD has long since turned their backs on the Black community in New York City. It has, like the majority of policing organizations in the US and abroad, long since turned its back on […]

The Confrontation In Ferguson, Missouri Is A Symptom, Not The Disease

There are few metropolitan areas in America more burdened by racial tension and suspicion than the St. Louis area. The racial and economic problems that have beset America’s cities are particularly intense there. Most white affluent denizens’ only contact with their black fellow citizens are through service industry interactions. St. Louis is the city that […]

My Attempt To Bring About Rational Discourse Concerning The Chaos Going On In Ferguson

The situation in Ferguson, Missouri has simply gotten completely out of hand.  In fact, I’ve spent the better part of the last two days trying to have reasonable debates with people about the entire situation, but it’s not been easy.  To call this situation a “powder keg” would be an understatement. Let me first start […]