Stephen Colbert Donates $800,000 To Fund South Carolina Teacher Grant Requests

Across the country, schools have felt the brunt of budget cuts. Many teachers have to spend their own money to buy simple things like art supplies, pencils and even hand sanitizer for their classrooms. Needless to say, spending money on public education has become a low priority for lawmakers, especially for states like Louisiana which […]

Fox News Hosts: We Shouldn’t Have Public Education, It Just Teaches ‘Meaningless Liberal Crap’ (Video)

There are so many times where I’m watching Fox News where I have to remind myself that I’m watching a supposedly legitimate cable news channel. I’ve often joked that Saturday Night Live could create some of their political skits by simply quoting many of the hosts on Fox News verbatim. Take for instance when several […]

Oklahoma Lawmakers Want To Ban High School AP History Courses

Oh Oklahoma, it seems like there’s a competition going on in red states to see who can come up with the most ridiculous legislation, and you just have to get in on the action. Just recently, lawmakers introduced bills to protect gay “conversion” therapy and allow discrimination against LGBT people in the name of religious […]

Common Core: Separating Wingnut Hysteria From The Facts

Back in the 1990’s, during the Clinton years, there were conspiracy stories circulating in conservative homeschooling and religious groups that the Clintons, Donna Shalala, and the UN were going to force children to learn communism and be subjected to the “gay agenda.” As a child, I wasn’t even allowed to own a library card because […]

The Hobby Lobby Bible Class IS Religious Indoctrination

Allow me a moment to gloat, please. Last week, I predicted a couple of things, one being that Cliven Bundy is a complete racist and the other that Hobby Lobby’s Steve Green’s Bible curriculum for public schools would be thinly veiled religious proselytizing. No sooner did I surmise on Bundy than confirmation came in the […]