Puerto Rican Paper Towels to Buchenwald Bread Crumbs: #RESIST, While You Still Have Time

The world has now watched the Vulgarian Barbarian openly mock the physically disabled, brag about being a sexual assaulter, verbally humiliate the parents of fallen soldiers, attempt to ban major people groups from entering our nation, kick out other major people groups from our nation, pardon a racist criminal sheriff, work feverishly to strip healthcare […]

This is the Real Reason Why Trump’s Response to Puerto Rico Has Been So Pathetic

When it comes to Donald Trump, nothing surprises me — literally nothing. If a story broke right now informing the country that Trump had cut a deal to snitch on his children for colluding with Russia, I wouldn’t be shocked. Heck, if Trump suddenly vanished, then resurfaced in Russia alongside Vladimir Putin seeking protection from “Obama’s […]

We Cannot Let Trump Get Away With His Shameful and Incompetent Response to Puerto Rico

Even though it’s gotten more attention lately, I still don’t think Donald Trump’s pathetically inept response to Hurricane Maria devastating Puerto Rico is getting the attention it deserves. For me this story isn’t just about how bad things currently are in the U.S. territory, it’s how this administration sat around for a week, doing next […]

Trump Criticizes Puerto Rico and the Media in Appalling, Conspiracy-Filled Twitter Rant

Of all the Twitter rants Donald Trump’s gone on, without a doubt, Saturday morning’s was one of the worst. Not only did he accuse the media of essentially lying about what’s going on in Puerto Rico, accusing them of trying to disparage first responders, he actually attacked and criticized the mayor of San Juan, calling […]