Anti-Gay Bigot Josh Duggar Exposed In Ashley Madison Hack

Before we discuss the latest news involving anti-gay bigot Josh Duggar, let me start out with saying that I do not condone breaching personal, private data under most circumstances. As someone who has had multiple attempts made to try to steal my information and harass my family, I cannot approve of the Ashley Madison hack which exposed […]

Ben Carson Will Attend Iowa “Religious Liberties” Conference Held By Radio Host Who Wants Gays Executed

The 2016 Republican primary field is really, really crowded this year. If you’re a candidate who doesn’t have tens millions of dollars of your own money to spend and you haven’t managed to score some super PAC funding, you really have to fight for every last vote you can get in order to have a […]

The Latest Republican Attack On The Poor: Ending Family Planning Services

One of the ways the Republican Party gets votes from religious conservatives is to claim that they are “pro-life” and oppose abortion. Over and over again, GOP candidates pass bills designed to make getting an abortion nearly impossible and make hyperbolic statements like saying they wish they could set themselves on fire over the issue. […]