Dear Donald Trump: Sit Down, Shut Up, and Listen You Ignorant Son of a B**ch

As I’ve said before, my disdain for Donald Trump has almost nothing to do with politics. I don’t loathe this sad excuse for a human being because he’s a Republican, I loathe him because he’s a vile piece of sh*t. There’s nothing redeemable about him — nothing. Is he a good father? Not according to his […]

Racial Inequality Is Alive And Kicking, No Matter What Fox News Says

If all you listened to was right-wing pundits, you could be forgiven for thinking that the civil rights movement was hundreds of years ago, instead of less than fifty. You could easily assume that racial inequality doesn’t exist, and that people are poor simply because they’re lazy. You would believe that America is a land […]

Al Sharpton’s Seemingly Selfish Agenda Helps Nobody But Himself

I’m sorry, but I’ve absolutely had it with Al Sharpton.  I’m sick and tired of every time there’s some kind of incident that could be a racial tragedy, he swoops in to try to get his face on the camera somewhere. I don’t think he’s really trying to help solve these potential racial injustices.  I […]

In Defense of Heckling, But Not All Hecklers

Heckling-as-protest, like all forms of protest to an extent, is a very confrontational and bold call to change. Of all methods of non-violent protest*, it is one of the most confrontational. That is it’s power, it’s energy and for whatever it’s worth, it’s draw. When one uses heckling for such social reasons, one demands attention […]