Shocker: Ohio Police Chief Admits To Profiling & Quotas

An Ohio Police Department openly announced an operation in which they would be actively targeting and profiling children appearing to be under the age of 15 and issuing tickets. Chief David Oliver issued this announcement on the police department’s website on June 17th, 2013: With all of the talk about writing tickets, all of you […]

If Trayvon Was On Trial, Would the Outcome Have Been the Same?

When news of the Zimmerman verdict first came out I was torn, and truth be told I still am. On one hand, as a criminal defense attorney I have an automatic bias, and tendency to side with defense in their self defense claim — and in the fact the prosecution was overzealous in pursuing a […]

It’s Innocent Until Proven Guilty, Not Innocent Until Proven Black.

Unconstitutional police stops based on a racial bias (especially when it comes to marijuana offenses) have become all too common in New York City. Over the past few months (and even before that), many issues involving the NYPD’s “Stop & Frisk” program have come to light during the Floyd v. City of NY trial. Specifically, […]