Law Cited By Bobby Jindal To Keep Confederate Monuments Doesn’t Even Exist

Desperately hoping to gain some support of any kind, Bobby Jindal took a break from campaigning in Iowa and planning the construction of his new Baton Rouge home to insert himself in the Confederate monuments debate. Down in New Orleans, the city is seriously considering removing some monuments to Confederate civil war figures, a contentious […]

To Uncle Sam, in Lieu of Flowers, for Your Son Trayvon

What to give our Beloved Uncle Sam in belated celebration of his 49th Anniversary to his yearning bride, the Civil Rights Act? Fifty years of marital bliss is gold, but we’re not quite there. Etiquette lists inform me that for 49 years it is appropriate to give our white-bearded, svelte emperor “LUXURIES, ANY KIND.” And […]

Paula Deen’s Downfall Speaks to the Big Picture on Racism in the Restaurant Industry

So, Paula Deen isn’t going to get her contract with Food Network renewed. Big freaking whoopty doo, I stopped watching her years ago when I realized that every episode was just a willfully ignorant, politically incorrect advertisement for butter. It was almost like the Food Network’s version of Sarah Palin as she happily mocked the […]