The Debate Over Whether Trump Is a Racist is Over (Video)

At some point, the media has to start being brutally honest even when doing so might upset millions of people. That’s why I’m begging some members of the mainstream media to stop asking, “Is Donald Trump a racist?” He is — end of story. Someone saying or doing something that some might feel is racist […]

I’d Like to Address Rand Paul’s Absurd Comment on Donald Trump’s Racism (Video)

While I haven’t written much about him lately, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) remains one of the Republicans who I loathe the most. He’s just become mostly irrelevant outside of continuing to try to latch on to the remnants of his father’s remaining “Paul bot” fan club. That said, being the spineless coward that he is, […]

It’s Important to Understand the Alt-Right’s Endgame

While most people on the left think of the Alt-Right as a white nationalist movement driven by bigotry and racism, I think many folks are missing the bigger picture concerning what the Alt-Right is really all about. Yes, they’re largely comprised of racists, Nazis, white nationalists, and bigots. But that’s a rather narrow way to […]

I Called Out Hypocrites Throwing a Fit Over Respecting the Flag, Here are Their Disgusting Responses

The other day I wrote an article and put together a video on my YouTube channel calling out the hypocrisy of these so-called “patriots” who claim to be “offended by the disrespect shown to our flag” from the NFL players who chose to kneel during the National Anthem. All I did was point out that, while […]

Here’s Why Trump’s NFL Rant Was His Most Blatant Display of Racism Yet

Following Donald Trump’s hateful NFL rant, I hope, at least for this week, we see a huge wave of NFL players kneeling or sitting during the National Anthem. Trump’s rant in Alabama on Friday night perfectly exemplified what a vile, racist cretin he is. While trying to play to his crowd (in one of the most […]

CNN Panel Left Speechless by Trump Supporter’s Hypocrisy on Racism (Video)

I’ve said it before, while there are many reasons why I wouldn’t want to be a supporter of Donald Trump, having to constantly defend the indefensible ranks right near the top of that list. It must be exhausting to believe the things Trump supporters have to believe in order to continue defending him. That’s why […]

Sanders Cowardly Refuses to Answer Simple Question About Trump’s Racism (Video)

While I’m willing to admit that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a slightly better White House press secretary than Sean Spicer, that’s really not saying a whole lot. Though I guess it’s a little unfair to be too harsh on either Sanders or Spicer considering being Trump’s press secretary is an unenviable job that I’m not […]

I Have a Few Words for the Fake Republican Outrage Over Trump’s Racism

I haven’t given Donald Trump credit for much, and for good reason. However, one thing I will admit is that he is who he is. Despite the fact that he’s a pathologically-lying con artist who’s almost never honest or upfront about anything, Trump really doesn’t hide the type of person he really is. Are there millions of […]

The Analogy That Left a Trump Supporter Defending His Racism Speechless

For the most part, I avoid political debates with personal friends and family members who I know aren’t very sensible. I’ve found that if you want to keep these people in your life, it’s best to avoid discussing topics like politics or religion. Especially over the last few years where Republicans went from people who […]

Trump’s New Immigration Policy is Centered Around Blatant Racism and Bigotry – Period

Along with being the most incompetent “president” ever “elected” in United States history, Donald Trump has ushered in a wave of racism, bigotry, and white nationalism unlike anything we’ve seen in this country in decades. This is a man who launched his campaign by vilifying Mexican immigrants as mostly “rapists and criminals,” who then fueled […]