Florida Man Designs “Crusader” Assault Rifle That Will “Never Be Used By Muslim Terrorists”

When you hear about a really bizarre news story, it’s often out of a Southern state like Alabama, Louisiana or Texas – but nobody has the market cornered on crazy quite like Florida. Whether it’s George Zimmerman trying to pander to racists by selling Confederate flag prints or a man blinding a sheriff’s helicopter pilot with a laser hair […]

There’s No Difference Between Phil Robertson And The Westboro Baptist Church

Phil Robertson, poster child for right-wing fringe, reality show star, and hater of all things not fundamentalist Christian-y, gave another speech last Friday. Speaking at a prayer breakfast in Vero Beach, Florida, Robertson created a hypothetical situation involving the rape of two children, the decapitation of a mother, and the castration of a father. The […]

TX State Rep. Molly White Wants Muslim Visitors To Pledge Allegiance Before Meeting With Her Staff

Over the last couple of weeks, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal was the torchbearer for the anti-Muslim fringe of the Republican Party as he repeated claims that even Fox News retracted regarding “no-go zones” in Europe that were allegedly controlled by Muslims. He’s apparently relinquished the torch, at least temporarily, to a Texas state representative named […]

Fox News Contributor Claims Jesus Would Approve Of “American Sniper” (Video)

Todd Starnes, a frequent guest and contributor on Fox, fired back at Michael Moore’s most recent “American Sniper” Tweets on Monday. Moore has gotten himself in trouble with red-blooded conservative Christians in the past, but his comments on the film, and snipers in general, have riled up patriotic pundits and keyboard commandos alike. Starnes, like […]

The KKK Pathetically Claims “White Genocide” Exists

Racist billboards, espousing “white pride,” have been popping up in some Southern states recently, most notably in Alabama and Arkansas. A billboard in Harrison, Arkansas shows a photo of a very sad white girl, holding a puppy, and reads “It’s NOT Racist to love Your People,” the word love replaced with a red heart. That ad […]

Right-Wing Christians, Radical Islamic Fundamentalists – They’re Pretty Much Exactly the Same

Though I don’t talk about it much, I find it kind of interesting that the primary “enemy” of the right-wing conservative “Christian” is a radical Islamic fundamentalist. Think about it.  Both of these groups of people live their lives based on hand-picked sections of their religious books.  Neither follows every rule written inside because it’s […]