These 3 GOP Candidates Will Speak At A Conference Hosted By A Pastor Who Wants Gays Dead

While everyone is talking about the latest dumpster fire that was the CNBC GOP debate, many have likely forgotten about the appeal some candidates are making to the very fringes of the Republican Party. The other night, 10 candidates on the main stage (and four at the opening act) talked mostly about their ideas about […]

Judge Roy Moore Suggests Civil War Possible In Opposition To Marriage Equality

It goes without saying that after the recent ruling by the Supreme Court which legalized same-sex marriage, right-wing conservatives are extremely angry. Few of them have done more to blockade equal rights and try to insert religion into government than Alabama’s own Chief Justice Roy Moore, who has made an entire career out of defying […]

The Resurrection Of Todd Akin And The End Of The GOP

Guess who’s back, just in time to be the political equivalent of the crazy uncle at Thanksgiving dinner you want to pretend doesn’t exist? Remember Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin who helped make the GOP really unappealing to women in 2012 and handed the Missouri race for US Senate to a Democrat? Yeah, he’s back like […]

Glenn Beck Is Now Receiving Threats From The Right-Wing

Glenn Beck is not one of the people we should normally give the time of day to, as I have previously stated in my article “5 People Conservatives Need To Stop Paying Attention To.” Beck, like many other conservative pundits, makes his living by saying inflammatory things designed to piss off people on the left. […]

The Indictment Of The Indictment Of President Obama

Get comfy, this is going to be a long one. Herein you will find the “indictment” of the President Obama by the mental giants behind the Operation: American Spring debacle. I’ve left each section’s content/intent intact, and made rebuttal/commentary/mockery as appropriate afterward in italics. Drawn directly from their site , with some spelling corrections because […]

The Terrorist Right Gets It Wrong – Operation: American Spring

(I’m writing this on the eve of “Operation: American Spring”; let’s see how prophetic I am.) By default, anything organized by the loons on the far far right (and I’m talking here about people who make Boehner and Scalia look like chill dudes) is going to be a massive mess. The talk is big, I […]

What Do Right-Wing Radicals, Alex Jones and Islamic Terrorists Have In Common? More Than You Think

It’s been said that terrorism is just a matter of which side you’re on and the difference between treason and patriotism is just a matter of dates. These are both lines that attempt to add perspective, and debate, to certain events.  After all, wouldn’t England have called our Founding Fathers radical terrorists?  Yet we call […]