Ted Cruz’s Father: If Hillary Clinton Is Elected, Kiss The United States Goodbye (Video)

By now most people are well aware that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) announced his candidacy for president a few weeks back. While the news came as a shock to almost no one, it did “officially” began the Texas senator’s campaign. I was actually discussing with a friend the other day how terrifying it is to […]

Ted Cruz’s Father Claims Obama Wants to ‘Seize Guns’ Like Stalin, Liberals Want to ‘Do Away’ with the Bill of Rights

Whenever Ted Cruz decides to run for president, his father is going to be a gold mine for anyone covering politics.  Because as much of a right-wing radical as Ted Cruz seems, his father Rafael takes it to a whole other level. Whether it’s been him claiming that there’s no scientific evidence behind evolution, that communism […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Chickens, Porn, Nuts & Other Earthly Rewards

“Livin’ easy, lovin’ Free / Season ticket on a one-way ride” Man, I’d love to see a New Orleans church choir and Bono tackle this one.  Everybody, spin that wheel!  Drum stick thunderstorm!  Grab those britches, now! “I’M ON THE HIGHWAY TO HELL!  HIGHWAY TO HELL!” You know, an epiphany dawned on me this week […]

Ted Cruz’s Father: “There’s Nothing Scientific About Evolution,” “Communism, Evolution Go Hand in Hand”

There are certain times in my life when I see something that absolutely stuns me.  That after reading (or watching) it, I sit there for a moment unable to really understand what exactly it was that I just saw. That’s what happened when I watched the recently surfaced video of Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, […]

Ted Cruz’s Father: Son is ‘Destined’ by God for Greatness, ‘Send Obama Back to Kenya’

Ted Cruz hasn’t been a United States Senator very long, but he’s quickly rushed to the top of my list as the Republican politician I despise most.  Every time I see his face, or hear his sniveling voice, my skin crawls. So when someone sent me a link titled “Look at what Ted Cruz’s father […]