Rand Paul Was Absolutely Right to Call Out Republican Hypocrisy About Spending

Despite calling themselves the “party for fiscal responsibility” for the last few decades, the GOP is anything but that. Republicans haven’t had a president from their party balance the budget in over half a century, with their “conservative icon” Ronald Reagan nearly tripling the national debt (adding almost $3 trillion to it) during his eight […]

I’d Like to Address Rand Paul’s Absurd Comment on Donald Trump’s Racism (Video)

While I haven’t written much about him lately, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) remains one of the Republicans who I loathe the most. He’s just become mostly irrelevant outside of continuing to try to latch on to the remnants of his father’s remaining “Paul bot” fan club. That said, being the spineless coward that he is, […]

Rand Paul Challenges Bernie Sanders to a Debate After Comparing His Policies to Jim Crow Laws (Video)

The rhetoric surrounding what Bernie Sanders calls “socialism” is, at times, ridiculous. From people calling him a communist (apparently unaware that communism and socialism are two entirely different things), to not realizing that we already have several very popular socialist programs in this country, it’s amazing how one single word can ignite so much fear within so […]

Choosing a President for Alderaan Reasons: Modern Mythmaking & the “Dark Side” of Presidential Politics

Myth matters. Gilgamesh slayed the great beast Humbaba. Persephone was abducted by Hades. Anubis weighs hearts at the threshold of eternity. There is great meaning to be gleaned from each of these mythological still shots, a meaning that does not depend on historical veracity, on whether they actually happened, or happen.   Oh, and here’s […]

Sad Troll Ron Paul Issues Dire Warning About Liberals to Conspiracy Nutter Alex Jones

Last week, GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul claimed that if Bernie Sanders was elected, the possibility of genocide in the United States would exist. Paul falsely compared Sanders’ belief in democratic socialism to the communist dictatorships of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot, and stated that socialism could lead to genocide to those who resist it. […]

Rand Paul Shamelessly Links Bernie Sanders To Genocides Throughout History

Rand Paul’s campaign is faring poorly these days, sitting at just 4% in Republican primary polling. Much to the chagrin of libertarian-leaning Republicans who were sure that Rand Paul was proof their ideas would finally break out into the mainstream of party politics, it seems like hardly anyone is taking him seriously. It’s certainly no […]

Maddow: ‘Starting to Feel Bad’ at a ‘Human Level’ About How Pathetic Rand Paul Has Become (Video)

It wasn’t too long ago that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was being talked about as one of the possible favorites to win the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. While I never bought into that rhetoric, it’s undeniable that he was the talk of the party for various moments of the last couple of years. Even if […]

KY GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Matt Bevin Accidentally Called For Drug Testing Seniors

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has been the laughingstock of late night shows recently for his series of verbal flubs, like referring to Hungary as “Hungria” and discussing the “band on America.” While everyone has been mocking McCarthy (who has now announced he will not run for Speaker of the House), a Republican candidate for governor […]

Dr. Ben Carson And Dr. Oz Are More Alike Than You Think

As Dr. Ben Carson has risen in the Republican polls, he’s made a series of increasingly bizarre statements. In Pennsylvania, he’s tied with billionaire Donald Trump and trails him by five points in Iowa. Carly Fiorina has also cut into Trump’s lead, based on strong appearances in her first two debates. The popularity of the […]

10 Things I Expect to Happen During Tonight’s Republican Presidential Debate

Ah, the big day is upon us – the second Republican presidential debate. While the first one wasn’t quite as outrageous as I had expected (or hoped), I have a feeling tonight is going to go much differently. I think most candidates believed going into the first debate the Trump would do himself in. While […]