Let Me Address Those Saying We Need to Forgive Ray Rice

Yesterday, my esteemed colleague Manny Schewitz expressed his opinion on why it’s time that the American public “get over it” and forgive Ray Rice. And while I value Manny’s opinion, and he is certainly entitled to it, I couldn’t disagree more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for second chances in most cases. But I believe […]

It’s Time For Us To Forgive Ray Rice

According to ESPN, four teams are currently looking at signing Ray Rice now that his indefinite suspension from the NFL was overturned on appeal. One of the teams alleged to be interested is my favorite team, the New Orleans Saints. While it is unlikely that the Saints will sign Ray Rice as their backfield already […]

Jon Stewart Slams NFL’s Incompetence on Domestic Violence: ‘You Done F**ked Up!’ (Video)

Ray Rice’s brutal assault of Janay Palmer has been all over the news lately, and rightfully so. Though the story hasn’t just been about Rice’s assault itself, but the cover up that seems to have taken place by the NFL. Jon Stewart decided to chime in once again last night on the whole situation, and brilliantly […]

CNN’s Carol Costello Hammers Fox News Hosts Who Joked About Domestic Violence (Video)

It’s not exactly breaking news when someone on Fox News proves how reprehensible their network is. After all, this was a network that recently had its show which is geared toward women defend the public sexual harassment of women. So it should come as no surprise that on Monday the hosts on Fox News’ morning show Fox & Friends pathetically tried […]

Following Awful Domestic Violence Cover Up, It’s Time for the NFL to Get New Leadership

I’ll admit, I used to be a Roger Goodell fan. When he first took over as commissioner of the NFL, I liked what I saw. But over the last few years I’ve completely changed my mind. And following this Ray Rice debacle, I think what has to happen is clear. Roger Goodell has to go. […]

Fox News Host Pathetically Tries to Make Ray Rice’s Domestic Violence About President Obama (Video)

In proving that she’ll try to use practically anything to attack President Obama, Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros somehow managed to try to make Ray Rice’s brutal assault of Janay Palmer in an Atlantic City elevator about the president. On Outnumbered, Tantaros asked, “I wanna know, where is the president on this one?” “My question is, and not […]

Fox & Friends Hosts Reach New Lows Joking About Ray Rice’s Brutal Attack on Janay Palmer

I just watched one of the most flippant, inappropriate segments concerning domestic violence I think I’ve ever witnessed. So it doesn’t surprise me that this pathetic display comes from the “good folks” over at Fox News. By now I’m sure most everyone is well aware of the now former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice’s […]

Breaking: The NFL and Roger Goodell Never Bothered to Ask Casino For Elevator Footage of Ray Rice

TMZ Sports has just broke the news that nobody from the NFL – including commissioner Roger Goodell – bothered to ask the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City for the elevator footage which shows Ray Rice knocking his then-fiancée Janay Palmer unconscious. Footage that the casino says they would have gladly handed over to the […]