Abolish the Minimum Wage and Bring Back Robber Barons!

You wanna hear a good libertarian joke? Robber barons are humanitarians and abolishing the minimum wage is the humanitarian thing to do. Ok, it’s not funny, but Amity Shlaes argues at the National Review that having a minimum wage is not just economically a bad idea (because it dips into the pockets of the 1%ers), […]

The Next Time a Republican Brings Up the Need for “Small Government” — Show Them This

The role of government is one that’s always a hotly debated topic. ┬áLiberals often lean towards “more government” while conservatives make the claim that they’re the party of “small government”—which is of course laughable. I have never understood those who see the government as the enemy yet big business as the answer. Let me break […]