Jackson, Mississippi Mayor Tony Yarber Says City Can ‘Pray Potholes Away’

Jackson is the capital of the state of Mississippi, and the largest city as well with a population of over 170,000 residents. Apparently those┬áresidents elected an interesting character in Mayor Tony Yarber, who seems to believe that some of the city’s infrastructure issues can be fixed for free – with the power of prayer. Seriously, […]

Roy Moore’s Lawyer Says Alabama Governor Must Defy Supreme Court Ruling, Choose ‘God Or Satan’

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling last Friday legalizing same-sex marriage across the country, the remaining states where it wasn’t already legal have, for the most part, gone ahead and grudgingly joined the 21st century. Even here in Louisiana, despite the initially defiant tone by Bobby Jindal that quickly became a whimper, couples […]

Nebraska Resident Sylvia Driskell Files Federal Lawsuit Against All Homosexuals (Video)

One Nebraska woman has apparently had enough of those darn gays on her lawn, and she wants them to get their sinful, fabulous selves straight out of her country while they’re at it. Sylvia Driskell is mad as hell and she’s going to take those homosexuals to federal court so that it can be determined, […]

Mississippi Law Would Permit Unlicensed Drivers To Operate Buses Under Religious Exemption

Alabama and Mississippi have recently been in a battle of which state could pass the most ridiculous laws. For awhile, I didn’t think anything was going to top the Alabama city declaring itself to be “owned by God,” something I’m sure any supernatural being would ask for a refund on immediately. To make sure they […]