When Fascism Comes To America, It’ll Come Wrapped In Racism And Wearing A Bad Toupee

We’ve seen a lot of hatred from the GOP over the past few months prior to the new resurgence of Islamic extremist terrorism. They’ve talked a lot about America being a “Christian nation,” and candidates like Donald Trump have embraced an ultra-nationalist ideology which is extremely disturbing. This rhetoric has resounded solidly with the GOP […]

If Kim Davis Gets Her Way, Conservatives Will Have Just Opened the Door for Sharia Law

I’ll always remember my time at a previous employer when we had a general manager who really wasn’t very good at his job. He was a nice enough guy, but he was really lazy. For those of us in leadership roles, that meant we were often left to do things we shouldn’t have had to […]

New Rule: If Your Religious Beliefs Prevent You From Doing Your Job – Get a New Job

Words cannot express how absolutely sick and tired I am of people trying to force their religion into places it does not belong. The way I view faith and religion is simple: Keep it private, at church or other places of worship. There’s a reason why this nation was founded on the principle of freedom […]

10 Questions Somebody Should Ask Kim Davis and Those Who Support Her

Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in defiance of the Supreme Court and our Constitution, has become a dominant figure in the news lately. While I know many people are probably sick of hearing about her, this whole situation is extremely important. She has no chance […]

Ted Cruz Goes On Unhinged Rant Following the Arrest of Kim Davis

Naturally the conservative response to Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis being put in jail for refusing to uphold her sworn oath to abide by the laws of the Constitution has been swift and absurd. All day my Facebook feed was filled with conservative friends and family members pointing to this as an example of the […]

Let Me Explain Religious Freedom to Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis

Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis is the personification of religious idiocy. She has become a face for those in this country who honestly believe that their religion trumps our laws; those who think the Bible is more legally binding than our Constitution. She’s someone who thinks her rights are being violated because she’s being ordered not to infringe […]

A Message To Kentucky Clerks Likely Trying To Become Rich Off Bigotry: #GoFundYourself

It’s been over two months since the Supreme Court ruled that bans on same-sex marriage were unconstitutional. Naturally, this ruling didn’t sit well with many Republicans who somehow believe religion plays a part in this country’s legal definition of marriage. These tend to be the folks who think “religious freedom” means they have the right to force […]

Bobby Jindal Says He Will Issue Executive Order Allowing Anti-LGBT Discrimination

Louisiana lawmakers decided today that the “religious freedom” law that Governor Bobby Jindal made a priority for this legislative session was a bad idea, and they shelved HB 707 until further notice. This bill, if passed into law, would have put Louisiana under the same scrutiny Indiana and Arkansas received recently with their own “religious […]

Mike Huckabee Says American Christians Are Under Attack From Gays and ISIS

Mike Huckabee had better jump into GOP clown car before Gov. Bobby Jindal does, or he won’t be able to capture the votes of the far-right evangelical Christians who will play a pivotal role in deciding the early Republican primaries in 2016. The former governor of Arkansas hasn’t formally announced his 2016 candidacy for a […]

Bobby Jindal Whines That Republicans Need To Stop Cowering To ‘Shrieks’ From The ‘Radical Left’

By conservative measures, Bobby Jindal’s 7+ years as governor of Louisiana should be a raging success. Corporations get all sorts of tax breaks, the tax burden is shifted onto the poor and middle class, abortion restrictions are extremely tight, and Louisiana has so far rejected Medicaid expansion as well as marriage equality. Bobby Jindal didn’t […]