Alabama Church Opens Gun Range In The Name Of Jesus

When you think of church you usually think of wooden pews, stained glass windows and long sermons in the monotonous tone of Reverend Lovejoy from The Simpsons. Back when I was forced to go to church as a child, it was a long trip up and down the mountains to sit in a pew while […]

Mississippi Lawmakers Propose Making The Bible Official State Book

Earlier this week, it was the story about Winfield, Alabama declaring itself to be owned by God (sorry Jesus, no refunds). Now, Mississippi lawmakers want to make the Bible the official book of the state of Mississippi, and that really makes you wonder what the hell these people are thinking. I know, I know, this […]

This Is Why We Will Lose The 2014 Midterm Election

If political activity on Facebook and other social media sites were an accurate gauge of how the midterm election in November was going to turn out, it would look like Democrats would take back the house and gain a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. Article after article, meme after meme, you’d think that liberals and […]

This is How the Religious Right Justifies Their Total Ignorance About Proven Science

The topic of climate change has been a growing issue in this country (and the world for that matter) for the last several years.  And while it’s always been an important topic, increasing erratic weather patterns and rapidly melting polar ice have really put this global threat on the front pages. Yet with more and more […]

The Link Between Conservatism and Christian Patriarchy

A whirlwind of controversy erupted this week in the Evangelical Christian world when one male Evangelical leader (namely Owen Strachan) called respected Evangelical author Rachel Held Evans a heretic for referring to God as “Her”. Outside of the sexism at play here, it’s also a look into why Christians who have conservative (though not necessarily […]

Christian Post Writer Worries About Obama’s Abortion Ghosts

In one rambling blog, Christian Post writer Michael Bresciani alleges that Obama is using the NFL to begin Mao-ish reeducation camps, posits that minorities are the real oppressors, compares Obama to Vlad-cum-Dracula, and claims the future Obama Library will be haunted by abortion ghosts. I wish I could say it’s the Onion. But it’s the Christian […]

The Simple Reality: Conservatives Are Destroying Christianity

Conservatives like to champion themselves as the party for “Christian values.”  If by “Christian values” they mean a bunch of people who base being a “Christian” on church attendance, how many copies of the Bible they own and how often they judge others.  That’s essentially the extent of the “Christian values” I see from these […]

Meet Future Theocratic President of the United States Darrell Trigg

Just in case you were worried that Hillary Clinton will march right into the White House without so much as a hilarious-but-super-scary contender to keep us on our toes during the primaries, out comes Darrell Trigg to out-fake-Christian the Christian Right. Oh heck, he’s running in the Christian Party. If you thought Steve Green and […]

The Hobby Lobby Bible Class IS Religious Indoctrination

Allow me a moment to gloat, please. Last week, I predicted a couple of things, one being that Cliven Bundy is a complete racist and the other that Hobby Lobby’s Steve Green’s Bible curriculum for public schools would be thinly veiled religious proselytizing. No sooner did I surmise on Bundy than confirmation came in the […]

Hobby Lobby’s Bible Propaganda: Now Coming to a Public School

Our good friends the Greens, the real religious persecutors at Hobby Lobby HQ, are at it again. As we’re aware, they’re already imploring the US Supreme Court to decide that they and other religious employers can control the bodies of their employees. But now craft patriarch Steve Green, through his Green Scholars Initiative (a non […]