Busted: TX Anti-Choice Groups Are Stalking Women’s Clinic Workers And Patients (VIDEO)

“These abortionists are feeling the pressure… They feel like they are on the run, and that’s how we want to keep it.” ~ Abby Johnson, Live Action NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and Progress Texas has released video revealing tactics used by anti-choice groups in that state. The tape was recorded on August 4, 2014 at a training […]

The Libertarian Plan to Defund Planned Parenthood

Usually, when conservatives fight Planned Parenthood, it’s over abortion – or at least that’s how it is framed. It’s (supposedly) a moral issue about the babies and life, tied into religion. But conservative libertarians supposedly care about individual liberties, so we’d be led to believe they’d be pro-choice – except they rarely ever are (cf, […]

Wendy Davis Is More Pro-Life than the Pro-Life Movement

When Wendy Davis – the pro-choice Texas state senator famous for having stood up for women’s reproductive rights in the face of overwhelming animosity from Governor Perry and Texas Republicans (mostly male) – called herself “pro-life,” she ignited a bit of a controversy. While I joked that she should have credited me with the idea of […]

Does John Stossel Not Like Babies?

When I was a kid, I used to always watch whatever it was my grandma was watching, though usually detached. I didn’t have a heart for the sexy mustachioed “Magnum PI,” but I did kind of watch “The Equalizer.” And then there was “20/20.” These old people talked about everything with such pathos and authority […]