Republican ex-congressman Joe Walsh: We Have a ‘Right to Attack’ Widow of Sgt. La David Johnson

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. The headline to this article is completely accurate. Former Republican congressman Joe Walsh posted on Twitter Monday that Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson who was killed in Niger earlier this month, is fair game to be “attacked” because, in his words, she made this “political.” […]

Ted Cruz’s Cockeyed Christmas Commercial Is Completely Appalling

Senator Ted Cruz has been sneaking up on Donald Trump in the polls, and leads him in Iowa, which is the first state in the Republican primaries. As Ben Carson has repeatedly blundered, his poll numbers have dwindled rapidly – to the benefit of Ted Cruz. On Friday, a video was uploaded to Ted Cruz’s […]

One In Three Republicans Believe Jade Helm Is An Obama Plot To Invade Texas

Once upon a time, there were these people known as “moderate Republicans.” They had ideas that may not have been the best policies for moving our country forward, but they tended to be more interested in padding their wallets instead of engaging in extremist politics. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. There’s […]

Exposing the Absurdity of the Love Affair Republicans Have with Benjamin Netanyahu

Honestly, I think Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is an arrogant prick. For some reason it seems impossible for many conservatives to process the fact that one can be┬áboth pro-Israel, yet anti-Netanyahu at the same time. I’m very pro-Israel, though I don’t believe for a moment that the nation is completely innocent when it comes […]

Nevada State Lawmaker Thinks Cancer Is A Fungus You Can Flush Out

On a lot of the junk science and conspiracy websites like Collective Evolution or Infowars, there’s a metric ton of articles all telling the gullible people who click on their links that one plant or another would cure cancer – if only it weren’t for pharmaceutical companies hiding these miraculous cures. Now one member of […]

South Dakota GOP State Rep Insists Planned Parenthood Is ‘Worse Than ISIS’

It’s been a crazy month since Republicans took power in the United States Senate, and their state-level counterparts have outdone them with some bills that really make you wonder just how far the party is willing to go ahead of the 2016 elections. Don’t get me wrong, Republicans in Washington have pushed a 20-week abortion […]

Oklahoma Lawmakers Want To Ban High School AP History Courses

Oh Oklahoma, it seems like there’s a competition going on in red states to see who can come up with the most ridiculous legislation, and you just have to get in on the action. Just recently, lawmakers introduced bills to protect gay “conversion” therapy and allow discrimination against LGBT people in the name of religious […]

GOP Sen. Thom Tillis Says Businesses Shouldn’t Require Employees To Wash Hands After Using The Toilet

Senator Thom Tillis is a first-term Republican from North Carolina who apparently really, really thinks government regulations are too much. Thom Tillis apparently also thinks that restaurant employees should be able to not wash their hands after using the bathroom, so long as there’s a sign alerting customers to that fact. Yes, seriously. Granted, this […]

Most Absurd Member Of Congress Thinks He’d Be A Great Replacement For Boehner As House Speaker (Video)

When it comes to Rep. John Boehner and how he’s done as Speaker of the House, I’ve made myself pretty clear.┬áThis is a guy who’s presided over one of the most do-nothing Congresses in our country’s history and he’s been bullied around by no-name freshman congressmen on more than a few instances. He’s just been […]

10 Conspiracy Theories That Prove Republicans Think Obama is the Most Powerful Human Who’s Ever Lived

While looking through a few articles today, I ventured down into the comments section of several of the ones I read. It’s typically something I avoid doing because often the stupidity that quickly takes over the comments section on most articles is maddening. If it’s not the “trolls” out there just trying to validate their […]