Alabama Republican’s Christmas Message Probably Won’t Leave You Feeling Warm And Fuzzy Inside

Alan Harper represents the 61st District in Alabama’s State House. Like many other Republicans across the country, Harper decided to voice his ignorance and fearmonger against¬†Muslims, issuing a hateful statement on his Facebook page about convenience store owners. Alan Harper isn’t just some racist with a blog, he’s an elected official and he’s using his […]

Rep. Steve King Is Very Concerned About America Becoming Less White (Video)

It’s not a huge secret that Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) has a real problem with immigrants. Our archives here are full of stories of the prejudiced things he’s said and done concerning immigrants, particularly those coming from south of our border with Mexico. What you don’t hear from Steve King is any kind of rhetoric […]

Louisiana Republican Elbert Guillory Wants Us To Believe Liberals Are The Real Racists

Few things get me more riled up than blatant, willful ignorance and racism. In the last week or so leading up to the grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown, the ignorance and racism across the United States came slithering out from the shadows and into the […]

Texas Republican Says Ranchers Should be Able to Shoot ‘Wetbacks,’ Calls Obama a ‘Socialist Son of a B*tch’

And the party of “we’re not racists” strikes again with another far-right leaning radical proudly displaying the true nature of many conservative voters. ¬†It’s like many liberals have said, “Not all conservatives are racists, but most racists are conservatives.” Well, a Texas Republican candidate for United States Senate, Chris Mapp, seems determined to prove just […]