Trump Reveals the Real Reason He Got Rid of Tom Price and It’s Pathetic

When more and more attention began to center around now former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price’s use of private and military jets at the taxpayer’s expense (with an estimated cost of roughly $1 million for both), I figured it wasn’t a matter of if he’d be fired/resign, just when. I knew his […]

Jon Stewart Exposes Just How Corrupt Chris Christie Really Is (Video)

Just over a year ago when Chris Christie was re-elected governor of New Jersey, there were some polls that had him ahead of Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical presidential matchup and he was the toast of the town for the GOP. In other words, at that point he was the “it” guy for the Republican […]

CAUGHT! Republican Schools Chief Changed Grades for Republican Donor’s Charter School

Is your school’s performance falling behind the pack? Student grades not up to par? If you’re a prominent Republican donor in a red state who has given millions to Republicans over the years, apparently you have nothing to worry about. Everything will be “taken care of” for you. At least that’s what happened in Indiana […]