Ben Carson Is Now Making Up Fake News Headlines About Himself

Republican presidential front-runner Ben Carson has been under a lot of scrutiny recently for claims he’s made in the past, including the one that he was offered a full scholarship to West Point. He’s also made claims to have stabbed a friend and attacked his mother with a hammer, all as part of what seems […]

Third GOP Debate Perfectly Displays How Unfit Republicans Are to Lead This Country

Well, another Republican presidential debate means another circus has come and gone; a stark contrast from the adult debate many of us watched just a couple of weeks ago. As I expected, tonight was more of the same of what we’ve seen during the first two GOP debates. Tonight was especially pivotal with Donald Trump slipping behind Ben Carson […]

CNBC Caves To Donald Trump’s Demands, Ensuring Third Republican Debate Will Be Awful

Over the past couple days, both Donald Trump and Ben Carson decided to throw a temper tantrum over the format for the next Republican presidential debate being hosted by CNBC on October 28th. Well, the network quickly caved and is now working toward accommodating the demands that were outlined in a letter sent out by the campaigns. Make no mistake about […]

The Second GOP Presidential Debate Was an Absolute Circus, Chock-full of Incoherent Nonsense

The second Republican presidential debate was very much what I believe most of us figured it would be: an embarrassment to our political process. It’s absurd that there are this many people vying for the GOP presidential nomination. With that many candidates on one stage it’s nearly impossible to conduct these debates with any semblance […]

10 Things I Expect to Happen During Tonight’s Republican Presidential Debate

Ah, the big day is upon us – the second Republican presidential debate. While the first one wasn’t quite as outrageous as I had expected (or hoped), I have a feeling tonight is going to go much differently. I think most candidates believed going into the first debate the Trump would do himself in. While […]