Iranian Extremists and Republicans are Basically the Same Damn People

In this world, extremists (in no matter what walk of life we’re talking about) are basically the people who screw things up for everyone else. Take for instance Iranian extremists and conservative extremists. The truth is, most Iranian people don’t hate Americans and most Americans don’t hate Iranians. I worked with a woman who was […]

George W. Bush Fundraising for Group that Seeks to “Save” Jews for Second Coming of Christ

When I first read this story, I had to look over it twice just to understand what I had just read. ┬áThe story of which I am speaking, first reported by Mother Jones, shares the news that former President George W. Bush will be a keynote speaker at a fundraising event for the┬áMessianic Jewish Bible […]

Please Shut It! You are NOT the Party of Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, or Dwight D. Eisenhower Anymore!

Dear Modern Republicans and Tea Party Members: Please, do us all a favor and shut it! You are not the party of Lincoln, Roosevelt, or Eisenhower anymore! Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Eisenhower were great men who were members of a now defunct Republican Party. The GOP that exists today is no longer that party. By your […]

Strange But True: There Was a Time When Republicans Actually Made Sense

After the thrashing Mitt Romney took in November, and the repeated rejection of politicians like Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin, you’d think the GOP would get the message — running candidates who espouse beliefs that the majority of Americans outside the backwoods and hollers of the Bible Belt find repulsive is a losing strategy. What’s so […]