Republicans are Nothing More Than Cheerleaders for Hate, Ignorance and Intolerance

Sometimes I’ve joked that my life would have much simpler had I just been a Republican. Doesn’t it just seem easier? Just grab a Bible; go to church 52 days a year; hang a flag at your home; go buy a gun; only worry about yourself; and repeat whatever talking points you’re fed by the […]

Texas Republican Says Ranchers Should be Able to Shoot ‘Wetbacks,’ Calls Obama a ‘Socialist Son of a B*tch’

And the party of “we’re not racists” strikes again with another far-right leaning radical proudly displaying the true nature of many conservative voters. ¬†It’s like many liberals have said, “Not all conservatives are racists, but most racists are conservatives.” Well, a Texas Republican candidate for United States Senate, Chris Mapp, seems determined to prove just […]

The Politics of Hate: The Cornerstone of the Republican Party

I think it’s fairly obvious that I don’t agree with conservatives on many issues, but I’ve never seen such vile fear and hatred like I’ve seen since President Obama was elected. Is it partially because he’s half African-American? ¬†Undoubtedly. Anyone who denies that the tea party is built on a foundation of racism is either […]