Real Reason the GOP Wants Moore to Step Down Has Little to do with the Accusations Against Him

When the Republican Party decided to embrace Donald Trump, it lost any real ability to claim a “moral high ground” on much of anything. Remarkably, backing a self-admitted sexual predator on his third marriage who’s said some Nazis are “fine people” hasn’t stopped these Republican hypocrites from continuing to proclaim they’re the “party of Christian […]

5 Things Conservatives Stop Caring About Once a Republican is President

My thoughts on the hypocritical nature of the Republican Party and the conservatives who support it are well documented. A day doesn’t go by where I’m not absolutely blown away by the unprecedented levels of hypocrisy displayed by these people. There’s nothing like seeing someone who once told me that the monthly economic reports that […]

Had the NYC Terrorist Been White, Trump Wouldn’t Care

On October 1, 2017 a deranged madman opened fire on a crowd of people exiting a concert in Las Vegas, killing 58 and wounding over 500 more. On October 31st, a deranged madman drove a rental truck into a crowd of people in New York City, killing 8 and injuring at least 11 others. If […]

Bill O’Reilly Tries Trolling Jake Tapper On Twitter, Gets Crushed by the CNN Host

It’s no secret that Republicans are no strangers to hypocrisy. They define the phrase, “Do as I say, not as I do.” The people who claim to have built the party of “Christian values” embrace guns, anti-immigrant rhetoric, bigotry and war, and support a vile, petty, greedy adulterer on his third marriage who’s bragged about […]

Trump’s Rise Has Proven Once and For All That Most Republicans Aren’t Christians

Republicans don’t get a lot of things, but they really don’t “get” Christianity — because it’s not what they follow. Sure, they like to claim that they’re the “party of Christian values,” but there’s almost nothing Christ-like about the GOP. Especially since the rise of Donald Trump, someone who seems closer to the living embodiment of the anti-Christ […]

Please Excuse Me, I Need to Rant About the Hypocrisy of Trump, His Supporters, Fox News, and the GOP

We need to come up with better words than “hypocrite” or “hypocrisy” to describe what we’re currently witnessing from Donald Trump, his supporters, Fox News, and the Republican Party. Typical hypocrisy is someone drinking a double Jack and Coke while lecturing you about drinking or telling you that you need to workout more when they […]

Jake Tapper Shreds Hannity, GOP For Hypocrisy Over Trump’s Sexual Assault Allegations (Video)

While nothing Republicans do surprises me anymore, I have to say seeing Donald Trump and other members of the GOP repeatedly calling out Democrats for Harvey Weinstein’s ties to the party took their jaw-dropping hypocrisy to a whole other level. Without a doubt, if the allegations are true — and based on what I’ve read […]

Here’s Why People Shouldn’t Buy Ted Cruz’s Excuse About ‘Liking’ Explicit Tweet

Normally I wouldn’t waste my time writing an article such as this because there are more important issues going on in the world other than a senator “liking” a tweet from an adult website, and because I simply don’t care. However, seeing as this is “ultra evangelical Christian” Senator Ted Cruz we’re talking about here, […]

Republican Lawmaker’s Unbelievable Hypocrisy Absolutely Stuns MSNBC Hosts (Video)

As I’ve said before, when people are forced to defend the indefensible, that’s when the excuses they come up with start to become preposterous. Such as Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) arguing that Robert Mueller should step aside as special counselor, claiming his close relationship with former FBI director James Comey is a conflict of interest […]

Fox News’ Shep Smith Embarrasses Donald Trump, Calls Out Blatant Hypocrisy (Video)

Those who support Donald Trump live in their own fabricated version of reality where blatant lies are “alternative facts,” while most of the rest of us live in actual reality where truth, science, and facts still matter. Trump’s frequent contradictions prove that he clearly believes he lives in a world where it’s acceptable for him to do the […]