The Republican Ideological Problem When It Comes to Anti-Cop Organizations

I strongly believe that it’s ridiculous to view the debate over race relations or police behavior as a “left vs. right” debate, but that’s more or less what’s happened for many people. Driven by the media’s desire to generate revenue (with anger and division being huge moneymakers), we’ve spent more time in this country discussing […]

My Awesome Experience Talking Politics with a 10-Year-Old Being Raised by Republicans

Sadly, my sister and her husband are both Republicans.  Though I wouldn’t call either of them “political hobbyists.”  My brother-in-law tries to act like he knows what he’s talking about (he’s doesn’t have a clue), and my sister for the most part won’t talk about politics at all. Though I think I’d best describe them […]

What A Nation Might Look Like Built on Republican Ideology

Republicans believe that their ideology is what the United States needs in order to be “successful and prosperous.” Which always forces me to ask the question, “If conservative ideology is so wonderful, why are so many of their states poor, rank near the bottom in median family income and their citizens have shorter life expectancy […]

If Republican Ideology Is So Great, Why Are So Many of Their States Poor?

It’s always been something that’s confounded me.  Republicans talk in length about the greatness of Republican economic ideology, and how it’s the only thing that can bring our country to greatness. But outside of Texas, what strongly Republican state is a highly desirable place in which to live?  And even in Texas, where I live, […]